5 Common Baby Messy Habits

Bayo Ajibola
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Caring for babies is a task because they need constant care and supervision. It can become a hard core, nerve recking task when it comes to messy babies which require understanding and simple ways to deal with them.

  • Feed Myself Moments

This is when your baby decides that I can feed myself and I want to (that’s probably a 9month old mind talking). At this stage comes the mess of food on the floor, face, hair everywhere. In fact you might wonder if you child actually ate anything at all but look at the smile of independence on your child’s face. Keep calm, don’t be mad and try not to stop him/her all times. The mess helps your baby’s growth and self reliance.

  • Creativity at its Peak

That moment you see your child in all shades of colours(Ink, paints) or when they come in and say “I’m sorry”- that’s when you realise your favorite sofa has become an artwork or the walls (kids aren’t limited to paper, lol). Don’t ask, it’s their creativity and mind explosion at work. Just keep calm, understand, correct them, get them some papers/drawing board and CLEAN the mess.

  • We dig our hands everywhere

Dirt, garbage, animals, sticky stuffs, goo…trust babies not to understand and want to touch/pick at everything. It can be crazy trying to caution them. Just know this is a time of discovery for your child. A child never know something is gonna bite until it does and from there “no touching”.

  • Running around from care

You know when they start crawling or walking and it’s exciting for you and baby but the stress isn’t off especially when your baby runs around from feeding, bathing, diaper change, clothing because it’s a fun game of run and catch to them while it’s exhausting for you.

  • Food rejection and selection

Your baby starts rejecting some foods by making faces and mouth clamp shut when you try to feed him/her or the smell and sight of certain food just pits your child off. Don’t get too mad or worried, babies tend to be selective towards food during their growth, so why not try make the food in a more appealing and different look or taste. If it’s no eating at all, you might consult your pediatrician for help.


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