5-days After Resumption, Apprentice Kidnaps Boss’ 3-Year Old Daughter

Bayo Ajibola

Mrs Oluwatobi Adebiyi’s a miliner and a beader, has been left in confusion and heartbreak following the kidnap of her 3-year old last Saturday at their Alagbado home.

According to Vanguard, that the incident happened barely five days after her new apprentice resumed work. The new girl identified herself as John Grace.
The baby’s father recounted how the girl came into their lives saying Grace, approached his wife two weeks ago, signifying her interest to learn the art of bead and hat making. She was given the conditions for registration, after which she left promising to be back.

She reported at the shop located at 1, James Oyedele Street, Moshalashi, on January 23 and made a part payment of N10,000 to Mrs Adebiyi. On the remaining conditions for registration which were two copies of her passport photographs and a guarantor, Grace assured her boss that she would make them available by Saturday, January 28.

Mr. Adebiyi, said:

“I was not at home when the incident happened. But my wife told me that while Grace was leaving the shop, our three-year-old baby was crying after her. My wife allowed her to go with Grace without an inkling of any sinister motive. “But after waiting for about five minutes without seeing them, she went out of the shop and saw Grace standing with a man whom she concluded could be her brother that was to come and stand as a guarantor for her. She went back into the shop. “She was tempted to go out and look for them having waited for some time. But this time around, neither Grace, the stranger nor our baby was seen. She immediately called Grace’s phone. But she kept cutting the calls, saying she was in a noisy place. “At a point, she switched off her phone. It is so strange because this particular baby does not like strangers carrying her. We have not heard anything from her since Saturday.”

He added that there has been no call to demand for ransom for the release of their daughter.

Bayo Ajibola

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