Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Early symptoms of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnancy differs in so many people as it is known that we all are different and special in our own unique ways. While some people can tell the minute they become pregnant, others have to see some signs and symptoms before realizing it, while a few end up taking a  test to know if they are pregnant.

Today, we will be discussing the Symptoms Of Pregnancy, different signs and symptoms that indicates that you might be pregnant.

Sudden dislike for certain food

For some women one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is their aversion for some certain type of food.  These foods begin to repulse them and they just want nothing to do with them. Irony of t all, some of these food might even be their best before pregnancy set in. However, this sign is not 100 percent sure proof as food aversion can be as a result of high level of estrogen in the system.

Increased Urination

Soon after you become pregnant, your body begins to go through some changes with your hormonal level being one of them. With the sudden increase in your hormones, one of the changes your body passes through is the increase in blood flow through your kidneys which in turn causes for your bladder to fill more quickly, leading to you peeing more frequently.

As your pregnancy grows, so does the frequency of your urination increase. Things become even more tougher as your baby grows, as the growth of your baby exerts more pressure on your bladder.


You begin to wonder why you feel so tired all the time even as you were able to get in a good night sleep the day before, look no further, this is due to you being pregnant. The exact reason why pregnant women experience fatigue is yet to be pin-pointed but  it is quite possible that the increasing levels of the hormone progesterone is a contributing factor to your tiredness and sleepiness.s

However, you need not worry about this as things will begin to feel better once you hit your second trimester. However, you should expect fatigue later in your third trimester as your baby is growing and it is of course more weight to carry around.

Sensitive and sore breast

On common symptom of pregnancy is a sensitive and swollen breast. This change in the body system is caused by the increased hormonal level in the body. For women who are very akin with their body, the soreness of your breast will feel like an advanced level of how it feels when you are on your period. This may come as a discomfort for many women, but, you needn’t worry, as it will fade away as your pregnancy progresses.

Missed Period

For ladies who are always regular and know their cycle to a T, you should know something is amiss when you miss your period. However for some ladies, a missed period cold be tied to several other things asides a pregnancy. It could be due to stress and maybe hormonal change, but if you are not sure, the next best thing to confirm is carry out a home pregnancy test.

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