5 Grand Plan On Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Bayo Ajibola


”Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispering of angels”

Author Unknown


With new babies comes planning and stressed out parents From feeding to napping, many parents have found themselves exhausted day in day out with little or no success at having their plan down to a T or even their carefully planned schedule crashing down right before them.

For parents finding it hard to get their little ones to sleep through the night, here are 5 grand plan on achieving this.



When you feed your baby during the day, ensure, its a fun and lively time for not just the baby but you as well. Sing, dance and even have the Television or radio on. When its time for bedtime feeding make sure everything is opposite to what the daytime feeding entails. Make sure, you find a quiet spot in your home with dim lightning to feed. Also avoid talking so much.  If you need to speak to your baby to soothe him/her, do so in a low tone, whisper if need be.The difference in these feeding will help your baby realize in no time when its time to just relax and sleep.



Yes, its definitely okay to have your baby in bed drowsy but definitely not asleep. Ensure that the baby is awake when you need to place them down, doing this is teaching them its time to just relax and sleep. Doing this continuously will in no time teach them its okay to relax and sleep with little or no help.



From 3-months, pick the right time to put your baby to sleep every night. If 7, works for you, ensure, you always put the baby down by 7. Doing this, will help your baby cultivate a natural and easy cycle. Putting your baby down to sleep on time, also helps them get enough sleep because as we all know, a cranky baby is no fun. Keeping a schedule, makes so many things a lot easier.



SO many parents might not appreciate the idea of letting their baby cry it out, if you happen to be one such parents, allow the baby cry it out for say 5-minutes before going into the room to soothe her. In so many cases, doing this might simply mean you re-positioning the baby and gently whispering good night.



When your baby clock 5-6 months, start weaning her from her bedtime feeding. Cut out feeding throughout the night. This can be achieved effectively by first ensuring that the baby is properly fed during the day. If need be that you go to your baby at night, do so without taking a bottle or needing to breastfeed. You could gently soothe and then place her back to bed. Doing this will in no time, teach your baby nighttime feeding is out of the plan and sleeping through the night will become easily achieved.




Bayo Ajibola

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