5 Great Tips For Planning The Perfect Baby Shower

Bayo Ajibola


For every event, the host or whosoever has been tasked with the planning, wants nothing less than perfection and this is same for planning a baby shower.

Now, planning a baby shower, doesn’t have to be so complicated as so many people make it seem.As long as the planner knows what and what is needed for a great event, then anyone can be rest assured that the shower will be fun.

For expectant mothers or event planners tasked with planning a shower in the coming days, here are 5 great tips you can follow in other to achieve a perfect baby shower.




This first tip is very important. You need to create a checklist of everything that needs to be done and taken care of before and on the day of the shower. Such list should include things likes; the budget, the host for the shower, location and time of the shower, guest list, invitations, theme, menu, decorations, games, etc.When you have such list, you can be rest assured that everything will be put in place and your guests will have a fun-filled time at your party.




For those who have been chosen to plan a shower for the expectant mother, they need to create a guest-list. This can be easily achieved by sitting down with the expectant mother to know whom she wants at her shower. If the planner happens to be a close family member, this kind of meeting can be scrapped. Also, you can have a few people who can not make it, send in their messages via social media to the expectant mother.



This is the  moment where creativity comes flying out. Your decision on the theme and color for the event will also come to the fore here as you can input them when designing the invitation. Depending on your budget, you can decide to go with expensive invites or invites you can make yourself probably by getting some office supplies.




So, you have decided on the location, time and theme, now its time to decorate the venue. Let your creativity fly here again. No one can ever complain of so much colors at a baby shower. You can also decide to stick with just a particular color, all that depends on you. Places where you would easily use balloons, make use of some other kinds of decoration, bottom line is be creative with it.




Nothing spells doom as having to see your guest lurk around and unable to see what exactly is happening at your shower. With every shower, comes a lot of games and of course you want everyone to partake, ensure that you have adequate seating for all your guest. Asides their inability to partake in the game during the shower, they might get tired from standing too much and might leave even before the shower starts. Also, you can decide on decorating even the seats to compliment the entire theme of the party.

Bayo Ajibola

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