5 Habits That Destroy a Relationship

A relationship needs good habits, it also requires respect, solid foundations and of course communication. A relationship is an alliance, always seeking balance and the complicity of both couple. Couples who do not achieve this balance are evident, leaving the relationship built in months or years to die. That is why we have written 5 bad habits of couples, so that you can change as soon as possible.

1. The person does not keep his promises

Promises are commitments but we are sure that everyone values ​​it differently. However, when one does not keep his promise, you disappoint the other. This results in a gradual loss of confidence if promises are not kept. What are the long-term consequences? The lack of confidence in the other and trust. That is why it is one of the pillars of a couple.

2. Your partner wants to change you

Feeling good and satisfied in your relationship means: showing yourself as you really are. To do that: you have to feel very comfortable. Achieving this is sometimes very fast and of course others will take a little longer. Basically it does not matter, the important thing is that it happens (sooner or later). 

Remember that your qualities, defects, facial expressions are part of you. These are what generate your essence. You are a unique person, so do not change for another person, you are valuable and nobody has to change you.

3. He takes fights badly

Fights are part of life as a couple and of course, we know that they are never fun. However, if your partner keeps talking about your arguments or problems after you’ve finished them, it’s interesting to wonder if the person doesn’t want to sabotage the relationship. Also, if your partner is constantly fueling your argument, he is probably subconsciously trying to hurt you or destroy your relationship. This habit will definitely destroy your relationship, so work on it so it doesn’t go to the grave.

4. The person is lying to you

Hiding things from your partner can be fatal in the long run. Here, we are not talking about hiding a plan for a romantic getaway to surprise the other person or a little lie. No, pathological lying is a big problem and the only solution is to consistently advise your partner to see a therapist for treatment. Lying is destructive and can ruin what you’ve built over the years. 

5. The person is not open-minded

Questioning yourself requires self-confidence. Being able to accept different ways of seeing things and accept others without criticism or judgment is not given to everyone. And yet, in a relationship with a partner, open-mindedness is essential. It is necessary because we show that we listen to our partner, and that although we do not agree with what the other person says, we respect what they say and we do not need to argue about it. 

These five habits are key to the direction of the relationship, we all have the right to a stable, harmonious and powerful relationship. So go ahead and make the necessary changes and if you think you need a guide for it you can meet a psychologist. 

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