5 New Year Resolutions for every Single Mother

Bayo Ajibola

New Year presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your life. Taking time to think about your goals for the New Year sets the New Year ball rolling. As a single mum, your life and decisions mostly revolve around your child or children. While this is critical especially in their infancy stage, as they grow up, it becomes time to be unapologetically selfish with your life.

This does not make you a bad mother, but communicates your bravery in being an individual as well as a parent. As the New Year begins, here are 5 resolutions you should commit to.

  1. Invest in your self – Despite the commitments of being a single mum, make an effort to do small things for yourself. Take up that course that has been on your bucket list for too long. Go for that vacation that you have been planning for. Buy that property that you have eying for some time. In short, do something just for yourself without feeling guilty for nothing.
  2. Rediscover your self – What do you enjoy doing? What are your passions, dreams, interests? Are you fulfilled in your career? Take time to think about your life and what has changed since you had a child. Be brave to rediscover yourself and change the course of your life. If it’s a new career path or moving to a new city, do not be afraid to pursue these.
  3. Enjoy being single – Nobody ever died from being single. Regardless of the situation that drove you to single parenthood, accept your situation. Do not be pressured into finding a partner. Do not go for dates unless you want to. Do not hang on to a relationship for the fear of being single. Instead, enjoy every bit of it and use the moment to heal and be a better person in your next relationship.
  4. Live up to your dreams – Most single others hold off their dreams and ambitions for the sake of their children. While this can be a valid reason, it certainly is not a good reason. Remember you are your child’s role model and mentor. Be a living example of chasing after your dreams.
  5. Build an active social life – Being a single mum presents a myriad of challenges which can take a toll on you if not properly handled. To avoid burnout and stress, have friends with whom you can catch up with, just to unwind and relieve your stress. Be participative in your friends’ events and social gatherings. Be on the lookout for opportunities to make new friends. Single mums like you can be a strong support system for the challenges you face as a single parent.


We all deserve a little life beyond our commitments and responsibilities. As a single mother, catering to your children’s needs is your primary responsibility. However, you should not forget yourself while at it. This new year, strive to do more for yourself as a person and see how that goes for you.

Bayo Ajibola

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