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5 Questions That Will Determine Whether You Are Ready For Parenthood

Many people want children and for different reasons. Some want children to continue their lineage; others want children to strengthen their bond with their partners while others want children because it is what adults do when they get to a certain age.

Whatever the reason not everyone is ready to be a parent at that time that they feel like they would like a baby. You could even say that not everyone is cut out for parenthood but then again parenting is something you learn on the job. No amount of books will get you ready for the task ahead but you need to analyze the situation and find out whether you really are ready to take on the responsibility of raising another very dependent human being.

Do you like children?

Parenting involves children in all their glory. The good, the bad and the ugly are represented and it is not something you can avoid. You don’t only get the cute moments when they are taking a nap or doing something adorable. There are crazy tantrums, screaming and wailing, changing diapers and many more not so ideal situations. It doesn’t mean that you are going to be a bad parent if you don’t like kids but it will affect how you raise your own.

How do you handle stress?

Children can push you to the limit and stretch you a little more and there is nothing much you will be able to do about it. Will you have a meltdown and yell or take deep breaths? If you don’t handle stress well you will need to learn new coping mechanisms because you will definitely need them.

What should a parent be?

Most people think that a parent is the guy that gives orders and tells you what to do. During the first few years of your baby’s life you will realize that you do most of the learning and taking orders. Dishing out instructions comes much later.

You need to align your values, what you would like to pass across to your children as they grow up so that you don’t raise delinquents.

What is your lifestyle like?

How do you spend your free time? What is your diet like? So many things will change once a baby comes, whether you are a man or a woman. There will definitely be less time for you since a baby needs constant attention.

Smokers will have to cut the habit or do it elsewhere because smoke affects baby’s health. Drinking wine or any kind of alcohol will take a back seat because it can be passed through breast milk. Constant partying will also take a back seat as you focus on raising your child. It is quite a drastic change that is inevitable.

How do you handle change?

Babies bring changes to your life and as they continue growing change becomes a constant part of your life. One minute you are dealing with colic and the next you need to potty train your child. Before you get over that they are talking and running off to be with their friends.

Everything happens so fast and life may seem to pass you by as you focus on bringing up children. Others will think you have become boring because of all the commitments that you have at home but it is all for a good cause.

You may find that it is a thankless career (oh yes, parenting is a full time job!) but when you begin to see your child growing up, running to you and giving you a tight hug, and growing into a well-mannered child it all seems to fall in place and you feel that you have been fully reimbursed for the sleepless nights and sacrifices you made.

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