5 Reasons You Should Have Eggs For Breakfast

Bayo Ajibola

Eggs are very popular amongst some family as the known nutrients contained in this small but mighty food isn’t alien to them. This food is not expensive yet its packed full of protein which our system needs to stay healthy and fit.

With one large egg containing just 77 calories, with 6 grams of quality protein, 5 grams of fat and trace amounts of carbohydrates,  this food is natures own multivitamin holding withing it several antioxidants, brain nutrients and vitamins as well.

According to BBCGOODFOOD:

‘Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Egg yolks contain more calories and fat. They are the source of cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and lecithin – the compound that enables emulsification in recipes such as hollandaise or mayonnaise.

Some brands of egg now contain omega-3 fatty acids, depending on what the chickens have been fed (always check the box). Eggs are regarded a ‘complete’ source of protein as they contain all eight essential amino acids; the ones we cannot synthesise in our bodies and must obtain from our diet.’


With this been said, here are 5 reasons why we ll must have eggs forbreakfast

1. Egg keep you feeling full much longer than cereal or toast.
This is of major importance for those who tend to lose some fats. The protein and fat in eggs aids in sustaining your energy levels, which in turn keeps you satisfied for a very longer curbing whatever hunger pangs might want to strike before midday.

2. Eggs are a great source of protein.
For every human, we need protein in our daily diet to help keep us healthy. Whole eggs are known to be one of the foods available that boasts of complete sources of protein. This simply means that eggs contain all the essential amino acids needed in our diets.

3. Eggs tend to be relatively inexpensive.
When you compare eggs to other protein packed foods like meat., fish, sausages, chicken e.t.c, it is no hiddden fact that they are cheaper and won’t require you breaking the bank to get them.

4. Eggs do not make cholesterol worse.
Yes, it is very true that eggs contain a significant amount of cholesterol, but it has been proven that eggs will in no way worsen your cholesterol issue, if it so happens you have one. So no need worrying that eggs will only increase your risk of heart disease.

5. Eggs help with brain development and memory.
In one of our other posts, we outlined the many nutrients found in eggs with Choline being one of such nutrients. Choline, which is an essential nutrient found in eggs, aids in stimulating brain development and function. Also, this nutrient has been linked with increasing memory retention improving alertness in human beings.


Bayo Ajibola

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