5 Red Flags in a Relationship

Relationships often have red flags that tend to alert you about certain unwanted occurrences in your relationship. Relationships often deteriorate, and it is normal when both parties do not do what expected if them in the relationship. However, it is not something unsolvable.

We must be alert to the moments when we see that something unacceptable is happening in order to change it, or to be able to do something with it and correct those problems. Here we try to list some of the things that should us alert us that we are facing a problem in the couple.

1. Lack of comfort or dissatisfaction

A major red flag is when one of the couple, or both, is faced with behaviors or situations that make them uncomfortable. It is the same if these are big or small problems, but they will be serious if they are not being communicated to the other person, or if they are not being solved when they know them. The same annoying act or behavior over and over again can be terrible.

2. Destructive criticism and lack of empathy

The distance between the two ends up generating a serious empathy problem. We are not close to each other, nor do we try to understand or put ourselves in their place. On the contrary, an unkind way of responding begins to appear, and the criticisms are rising in tone to the point of being unpleasant and inappropriate for a partner, not seeking to improve something like the simple act of caring. 

3. Contempt

Less and less we value the person we have by our side. Little by little that person has become one of the many in our life, he is not someone who contributes to us, who interests us with what he has to say or what he does. We have created a negative image about our vision of the other that may have real things, but that has often been maximized by the accumulation of other points.

4. Lack of quality communication

The communication should be quality and not simply the fact that we are talking. Many times couples only talk about their day to day activities, the children, or who makes the purchase, but not about the personal issues that may be of interest to each party. It is important to sit down and chat about any subject, without an objective, but returning to the origins of the relationship where that was the case.

5. Defensive attitude

You act as if you had to defend yourself against something that was done. As if there was some kind of problem when nothing really happened. You expect at all times that a small discussion turns into a battle, and it is like that. 

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