5 Relationship Issues To Deal With Before the Year Ends.

Bayo Ajibola
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Relationship Issues To Deal With:

Time flies! Do you realize that the year is rolling on ? Very soon people will be rushing to make New Year’s resolutions. Prevention is always better than cure though so how about you do things differently with what’s left of this year? Instead of waiting for the year to come to a complete end so that you can make a change, why not purpose to do it now?  There is nothing wrong with planning for a better tomorrow but it would be much better if you got up and started working towards it now rather than later.

Among the things that affect people the most is family and relationships. Families are the most basic social unit so everything that happens here will affect other aspects of life in one way or another. It makes sense therefore that you would prioritize working on this area as soon as you can. The holidays are coming up and it can be difficult to make time to solve issues at this time but you could still have a not-so-happy holiday.

The following five areas are usually the ones that suffer the most in many relationships. While there is only so much you can cover in the remaining three months, you can definitely make positive strides and achieve something. Whether your issues go deep or just require a few adjustments, three months can help you accomplish a lot if you use it well. So, be proactive. Do something now to change the situation in your relationship or marriage instead of postponing the inevitable. Your relationship will definitely benefit from it.

  1. Poor communication

This is the most common issue in many marriages. It may start as something small but can build up over time and cause untold havoc in your marriage. Deal with it before it turns into an ugly monster eating at your marriage. Poor communication doesn’t only involve talking. It’s about hearing and understanding each other too so look at all sides.

  1. Not enough quality time

Spending quality time with family is important. Sitting in the same room while everyone is busy on one gadget or another doesn’t count as quality time though. Take time out away from any distractions and just focus on each other. Create some time alone together and some time with the kids if you have any. Go for a date, a walk, hiking or even a picnic together and enjoy each other’s company. Connecting with family serves to strengthen the bond in your family and helps deal with underlying issues such as feeling unloved or invisible.

  1. Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy can leave you feeling like your marriage is no longer what it used to be. Is the sex life not as interesting as it was a few months or years ago? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough attention and affection from your spouse? Work on it. Let them know and work towards restoring intimacy in your union.

You may need the help of a counselor but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for your marriage.

  1. Money management

Statistics point to money as one of the top reasons why marriages split or at least cause tension in marriage. Money matters are very sensitive and can get out of hand very fast, especially during the holidays.

It would be best if you started dealing with any concerns you have before the holiday fever hits your home. Don’t point fingers though. Work at developing a family/couple strategy to keep your money in check and work towards a common positive goal.

  1. Health issues

Your body may be your own but whenever you get sick it affects your whole family emotionally, financially and time-wise. Take control of your health, advice your partner to do the same and deal with any unexpected scenarios together. It may feel like a lot of work at first but the long term benefits are worth it.

Relationships may sometimes feel like a bed of roses but even the most beautiful roses have thorns. Pick these out carefully and you will be able to enjoy your relationship better. Remember time flies so get on it.

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