5 Secrets to Revive Sexual Satisfaction in your Relationship

We commonly hear all kinds of recommendations to have a good sexual life. The truth is that there is no universal recipe for everyone to feel satisfied in sexual matters. However, today you will read five secrets that do not fail. These secrets generate a lot of interest because they apply to couples of any type: heterosexual, homosexual, youth, adult, married or single.

5 Secrets to Revive Sexual Satisfaction in your Relationship

1. Communicate during sex (with or without words)

When we have sex, we establish a form of communication with the partner. Of course it’s not like a discussion about “where can we go for dinner?” or “how was your day?” Sex improves a lot when you dare to tell your partner what you want in bed. Remember that no one can read our thoughts, for example what do we like? or where we prefer to be kissed or grabbed.

There is evidence that saying what turns us on helps both partners to be more relaxed. Of course, it is important to know how to say it because for some people, talking during sex can even be distracting. So use movements to speak without using words. Convert negative messages to positives. 

2. Wish for the moment

It is very common to think that good sex is the one that happens “spontaneously”, but this is not always true. It is not true because sometimes it is necessary for you to make a sketch about what you will do at the time of sexual intercourse. What it makes clear is that the excitement of mentally anticipating the situation can give a strong impetus to the encounter.

The scent, even the choice of clothing or sex styles can influence the kind of experience you have. If, in addition, we add to this process messages about areas we want to caress, what clothes we will take off first or, in general, what we are willing to do, we will (without a doubt) increase sexual desire.

3. Relax as much as you can

As the saying goes “running is not a good counselor” You shouldn’t break a record for time or position in bed, or even watch the time you spend in sex play, but rather enjoy every minute of sex to the fullest. The greater the relaxation, the greater the possibility of total pleasure.

Most of us try to move and change position, not because it hurts, but because it gives us too much pleasure. The important thing is to enjoy each moment openly without wondering if the sexual encounter should be terminated or prolonged. You just have to loosen up and relax your muscles.

4. Have confidence in yourself

Desire goes hand in hand with trust. Of course, you don’t have to go to the gym 5 times a week and spend your money on cosmetics. We can all have a good figure and feel good about ourselves. The main thing is to release confidence and sensuality. A satisfying sexuality is the fruit of the relationship with your partner and also with yourself.

Treat your body as it deserves and take care of it. Realize that shame or guilt related to sex is an obstacle. Talking to a therapist to get you out of this belief is one more step toward your sexual fulfillment.

5. Explore your fantasies and personal tastes

You have to look into each other’s eyes and the greatest pleasure is felt when both people enjoy at the same time. Sexual beliefs must be demystified. There will be those who prefer to close their eyes, do it with the light on, surround themselves with mirrors or have their faces crushed with a pillow. Please remember that each person is different.

Good sex happens in your mind and in your body, your partner will try to please you, but it is your private experience that will determine whether or not you enjoy good sex.

This does not mean that each of us has to go our own way, hiding our most intimate desires and fantasies from our partner. Remember that if you still have doubts about sexuality as a couple, you can consult a professional to give you the necessary guidance for your personal well-being. 

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