5 Signs that You Are Losing Yourself While Loving Your Man

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A new relationship is fun and loving until you realise that there are certain things missing within you which you might fail to acknowledge. As the song goes “You don’t own me….”

  • You Need his/her approval on everything

You know what you want but because you love him and don’t want to lose him, you find yourself agreeing to all his decisions, wants and needs without consideration to your needs or opinions. You need to be selfish for yourself sometimes and stand on your ground.

  • You can’t set boundaries where needed

You have a hard time setting boundaries on some aspect of your life all because you’re in love and your scared he’s going to leave if you state what you like or don’t like. You can’t seem to point out what’s acceptable to you, your values and what level of compromise you’re willing to make. If this is you, then your relationship isn’t shaping you right.

  • Hide yourself to please your partner

You hide the personality and things that make you “You” because he doesn’t like it or you feel it won’t please him. You beat down your dreams, ambitions, hobbies so that he can measure up above you and see you as a submissive and supportive partner. You confidence becomes shrunk and you can only get it back by setting your relationship straight.

  • You neglect your Friends and Family because he matters more

You completely ignore and skip on hangouts, dinners or vacations because you feel all your time should belong to your man. He needs you to constantly be at his beck and call in order to show you love him. You end up losing yourself, friends and family, individuality to your relationship. No matter how far your relationship goes, when it breaks, you need your true friends to help you pick up the pieces and realise who you are.

  • You accept your partner’s wants even when you feel otherwise

Sometimes it becomes a matter of “Jump” and you say “How high”. You’re afraid to voice out your want or order what food, drink you want, choose the kind of dress you like because you want to keep your relationship going. He’s perfection to you and you can never measure up. You need to break out of this as parts of your individuality is being chipped off gradually leaving you incomplete and dependable on your partner.



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