5 Signs of Emotional Infidelity on Social Media

Some years back, we could understand that a person was unfaithful to us when they performed the sexual act with another person outside the couple’s relationship. The reality is that with the appearance of social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, as well as Twitter, our panorama is completely different. Social networks are a contact tool between friends, family, acquaintances and couples, but with technological advances we can say that they are also a door to jealousy and infidelity.

In this way, they allow us to hide a different face from us, where we do not have to explain to our partner who we talk to, nor do we have to talk to a known person, we can do it with a person who is thousands of kilometers from us, with whom we even know that we will not meet. It is on many occasions like this that we would say our partner is flirting or exhibits emotional infidelity by whatsapp or by networks with another person. Would this mean being unfaithful? The reality is that it depends a lot on the type of relationship we have.

Signs of an Emotional Infidelity Online

If you have suspicions that your partner may be committing a type of infidelity on social media, the reality is that there are some signs that can reveal this internet flirting. Among the most common, there are the following.

1. There is a distance between you

If in your relationship, your partner does not remember the most important dates or there is no effort behind to build a good bond, it is possible that there is an emotional infidelity online or another type of infidelity. When a person notices a lot of distance or feels disconnected from the other, it is very possible that your partner has lost interest in you. 

2. Problems in privacy

One of the signs that there may be an infidelity online is precisely when there is no good connection in bed. In this way, if you have sexual intercourse less often this can be a sign that something is wrong in your relationship. 

3. His behavior has changed

When someone starts cheating, it is very likely that your partner has issues with you. So much so that he can start to neglect his commitments to you, such as housework. You may also notice that there has been a major change in your partner’s sleeping pattern and your partner stays up later. 

4. Your partner is on the defensive

In infidelity, the person who is committing it tends to feel constantly attacked. In these types of virtual actions, exactly the same happens. In this way, the person who commits this emotional infidelity online can offer you excuses to justify this type of behavior. 

5. Has secrets

In many cases, people usually keep some personal information for themselves. When there is infidelity, either on WhatsApp or in reality, people usually do the following.

  • Change their passwords and remove your access to shared email or social media accounts
  • Moving the computer to a more isolated place in your home
  • Protect the computer, phone, or tablet, even by refusing to let you use the device
  • Demand more privacy
  • Refusing to talk about using the computer
  • Abruptly shuts down your computer or device when you get close to the screen
  • Repeatedly clearing internet history

Discovering an infidelity on WhatsApp can be very hard both emotionally and for your relationship. In these cases, it is essential to detect what has gone wrong and how to act after this damage. On these occasions, it is recommended to go to a professional psychologist.

How to Overcome Virtual Infidelity 

If you are in this situation where your partner has been able to flirt with other people on WhatsApp , the important thing is to communicate that you are not in favor of this type of attitude. In these cases, many people believe that internet flirting is not considered cheating. Therefore, you should know how to say that for you, this implies infidelity. It is also essential to work on the relationship to find out what could have led to this situation.  

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