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5 Signs That Spell Trouble during Pregnancy

COMPLICATIONS DURING PREGNANCY. Aches and pains may be a normal part of pregnancy but there are times when these pains are an indication of underlying trouble. How do you differentiate between normal body activities and an actual cause for alarm? Even if what you are feeling does not appear on the list here but it is getting you a little worried, consult a doctor. You would rather be safe than sorry.

Persistent or severe abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is experienced by most women as the pregnancy progresses. It could be because of ligaments stretching and the uterus expanding to accommodate the growing baby but it is not always the case. It could be an indication of a miscarriage or other serious conditions like preeclampsia especially if it is accompanied by bleeding and visual disturbances like flashing lights.

Less kicks

You will feel it as soon as the baby begins kicking in your tummy. It becomes a normal part of your daily routine such that you are bound to notice a change in the frequency of the kicks. Speak to your caregiver as soon as you notice this change because it could mean that your baby is tired and does not have enough energy to kick or that there is very little space left for the baby to move its limbs. Either way, it is not good for the baby and it will need immediate action.

A change in vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal and towards the end of the pregnancy it increases. This is an indication that you are drawing closer to labor as the mucus plug slowly loosens. There are instances that the vaginal discharge changes color to a light pink, red or brown like the color of dried blood. This should not be ignored especially if the amount of blood is a lot.

Severe constipation

During pregnancy the gastrointestinal system becomes sluggish and food stays in the gut for much longer. This results in feeling bloated and constipation. It can be remedied by taking more water and consuming more whole fruits and vegetables for the fiber.

If the constipation comes with extreme abdominal pain or even diarrhea that goes on for more than a day then you should seek medical attention.


Hormones can get crazy during pregnancy and the dips and excesses can affect your mood. Happy moments and low moments are expected but a depression that lasts long should be looked into. Any panic attacks, overwhelming sadness or hopelessness to the point of being unable to go through your daily activities is a cause for alarm. Depression also affects your baby and should be looked into within the shortest time possible.

The changes in your body are occurring so rapidly during pregnancy and you can rarely compare someone else’s symptoms to yours. This makes it harder to distinguish between serious problems and normal occurrences. You could even have a normal sickness like a cold which is usually not a big problem but if it takes too long to heal it signifies a problem.

The urgency of the situation will be determined by how far along you are in the pregnancy. Some situations will be more serious at a certain stage while others can be considered normal at the same stage. Check with your doctor to find out what is considered okay at which stage so as to be on the safe side. If you feel like there is something wrong with your pregnancyeven though other people say it is normal, consult your doctor to dispel any fears. You may find something is wrong and you get attended to in good time before it gets severe.

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