5 Signs Your Partner Wants to Marry You

It is common for women to wonder if their partner wants to settle down with them after being in a relationship for some time. You both have had a beautiful relationship but your partner is not saying anything about tying the knot and waiting and wondering how long he would take before he proposes can be quite tiring. 

For you it is very clear, it is time to take the next step, get married and start a family, but he goes around and says nothing, time is running out and you are dying to know if he feels the same way as you. To help you find out if your man really wants to marry you or he is just having fun, this article provides notable signs to help you decide. 

1. He loves you genuinely

A man who has intentions of marrying you will love you and it shows in his actions. He treats you well and values your peace of mind and general health. He wants the best for you and consistently seeks ways to help you grow in your career, present and future goals. He spends quality time with you and ensures he gives you all the love and support you can possibly get. It is not masked, it doesn’t seem blurry, you see all of it and can tell that he loves you wholeheartedly. 

2. He considers you his partner and companion.

It is complicated to describe how it works, but when you are in the relationship you understand this very clearly. His world is you, things revolve around you, your well-being, your schedules and everything about you matters to him. He feels calm and complete when he is with you. 

There is no pressure to look good or perfect, things feel relaxed and fun. There are no secrets and mutual company is what you seek to be at peace. Conflicts are resolved and there are no teenage tantrums or peeves.

3. He likes the idea of ​​starting a family

He talks about starting a family with you and he loves the idea of you socializing with his family. He involves you in his life plans and from time to time, you both talk about having a family together and making lovely and good-looking babies. You both laugh and enjoy the moment. He feels comfortable and happy by your  presence in his life. 

4. He already makes future plans and you are included in them

It is common for men who want to spend the rest of their lives with you to include you in their future plans. Listen to him when he talks, and if he talks about your work plans, trips or goals and includes you “by default” in them, then it’s certain that he really wants you to be a part of his future. You don’t force things, you don’t pressure him to make plans, he does it by himself and involves you completely in them. 

5. He consults you on important decisions and takes your opinion seriously

In this vision of the future together, there are many decisions that must be made and it is an unmistakable sign that he is thinking of marrying you when he asks for your opinion when making those decisions. He considers your tastes and needs when buying a car, moving to another city, saving money, applying for a loan and other little and big things. 

For as long as you have been dating, you have realized that he is a serious man in his relationships, honest and committed to what he does, and that his word has value. It is clear to you that he has no problem with commitment. But for some reason, he doesn’t make you the big offer, or maybe he already gave you the ring, but there is no date for the wedding; or, as they say, “it is not clear” that he really wants to marry. So you start to worry, what’s going on? What can be done?

Nothing is easier than looking for a comfortable quiet time and where you are alone to speak clearly and frankly. Be clear with what you perceive, think and want. Remember that men find it easier to understand things that are clear and concrete. Don’t take too many turns, don’t look for blame or start with ramblings, be clear and concise without being rude or demanding .

Avoid blackmail, pressure and threats. Just be clear, expressing what you think and the progress you are looking for the both of you. Above all, appeal to the love you have for him. Together, set realistic goals that you can achieve. Sometimes, men just need “a little push” and when you push correctly, you’ll achieve your goals. 

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