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5 Tantrum Stoppers You Should Try

Watching your child grow stage by stage is a delight that comes with a lot of swelling in your chest commonly referred to as love mingled with pride. It therefore comes as a goodthing when a child gets to that point where they discover they have a will of their own that can influence things affecting them.

Self-actualization is healthy as it comeswith confidence and developing some form of independence. However, dealing with a kid in such a stubborn state requires a bag of tricks to help parents handle them better while keeping their sanity.

Here are five tricks that can help you deal with a frustrated toddler in these very common tussles:

1.      Toddler refusing to get buckled into car seat

This is a battle worth fighting as it is not only law but is also a matter of life and death, mandatory to keep them safe. A five-point harness is better as it is not easily unfastened.

What to try: Lighten the mood by making it not look like the do or die situation it usually is. Try making it into a race to determine who will buckle up first. Singing funny songs while pulling funny faces is also worth a try. Also, distract them with toys that are always in the car while buckling them into place.

If this fails, try bribing them with a treat they like, chocolates or candies for everyone who buckles up works wonders.

2.      Kid refusing to kiss relatives

Forcing a kid to kiss someone they don’t want to will usually backfire on you escalating to a scene especially since they know a kiss is a sign of affection. This doesn’t make it better in the future as the kid will take up a defensive stance when it comes to greeting such people.

What to try: To avoid the spotlight being on your child, prepare them when a relative is coming to visit and in a gentle manner no less. Ask them to be nice and say a wet hello with a hug and a friendly smile.

To drive the point home, demonstrate it yourself with visiting friends and relatives with hugs and kisses to make the kid learn a thing or two and get comfortable doing it.

3.      Baby refusing to let their teeth get cleaned

Dental hygiene should never be compromised as the habit of cleaning teeth after a meal will stick with them to adulthood. For kids however, it shouldn’t be done as regularly since their teeth are undergoing growth and a mouth can have a few teeth.

What to try: Try making them understand that it is the dentist who suggested the brushing to take the pressure of you. Always try to be firm but tactical about the issue until they get the point that the issue can never be avoided.

4.      Kid refusing to eat their vegetables

Since they are being introduced to new foods, tastes can be conflicting for a toddler making them quite picky and angst when it comes to some foods. Naturally, most of them won’t like eating veggies for obvious reasons; however, nutritionists assure that their tastes will stabilize with time.

What to try:Always try although subtly to ingrain veggies into your kid’s diet. Avoid over cooking and use salad dressings and yoghurt to add flavour.

5.      Child refusing to respond when called

Although it can be hard to pull your child away from their toys or something else of interest to them to heed your call, it has to be done as letting them get away with it isn’t an option.

What to try: When you notice your kid is in a non-responsive mood, try making the trip worth her while by introducing some fun and excitement into your voice. Also, show them some affection when they respond to show gratitude and pleasure at them.

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