5 Things That Will Get You More Sex From Your Wife

Bayo Ajibola

Sex in marriage is expected and assured but the amount remains something unpredictable. While many women complain that they would like more communication from their husbands, many men say they would like more great sex from their wives. These two areas cause a lot of friction between married couples and could cause a lot of havoc if left unattended.

Let’s talk about sex first. It is a primal need that can’t be ignored. Men have it on their mind a lot (women too but they have learnt to keep it under wraps) and many would like to have it as often as possible. This may be a little difficult considering the different factors that may affect a marriage and their libido. Now, it isn’t wise to sit and complain about your wife and how she isn’t satisfying you in the sack because it can be counterproductive.

Your best bet is to look for ways in which you can make the situation better. Marriage is about having each other’s back, right? Here are a few things that are very likely to make things better and get your wife between the sheets more often.

  1. Help out around the house

The most possible reason your wife may be pushing sex to the back burner is exhaustion. Whether she has a full time job outside the home or not, being a homemaker and wife is a full time job in itself. It gets more complicated when there are children in the picture because these are a handful.

Take some time to make it easy on her. Take the kids for an hour or two in the evening as she makes dinner, do the dishes, make dinner, help her clean up and get the kids to bed. She will be less tired and will have more energy for you.

  1. Build on intimacy during the day

For a woman, sex doesn’t start when you touch her five minutes before. It’s a process that often begins way before you get home. You need to treat her right through the day and drop hints. Touch her playfully in places that you know turn her on, kiss her lovingly when going to work in the morning, call her during the day just to check on her and find out about her. She will feel appreciated and cared for and that easily triggers the same response towards you. Those warm fuzzy feelings will set the ball rolling.

  1. Let her lead sometimes

Men can sometimes take control of the bedroom situation and the woman feels like it becomes a routine over time. Allow your wife to take the reins often and be open to the ideas she brings. Who knows, you may enjoy it even more and she will enjoy it too. She has sexual needs too and you are the only one who can meet them.

  1. Take good care of your appearance

A neat looking man who smells good is very attractive. Your wife may be a modern woman but she still likes a sexy looking man. Just as you would like her to get her hair done and such, do the same too. She does want to desire you, her husband and looking appealing helps it along.

  1. Make intimacy easier and fun for both of you

Making it easier could be something as obscure as finding a babysitter or getting your bedroom spruced up. Chances of it happening diminish with the amount of effort she has to put into it. She still appreciates the small (or big) things you do to get her in bed. Take her away for the weekend just to change the scenery and breathe afresh. Remind her what it is like to be lovers.

In all this, remember that your wife loves to be desired by you. Knowing that her husband wants her and will put extra effort to get her all over again will get her hotter for you.

Bayo Ajibola

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