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5 Things to Get You through Parenting a Preemie

Everyone always expects that their baby will be born at the right time and that they will be healthy. Some babies are however born prematurely and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. It can become difficult to get through such a situation because it is not what you expected. There are ways that you can make it easier for yourself so that when it is time to take your baby home from hospital you are in good shape to take care of them.


Don’t blame yourself

Giving birth prematurely is not something you can blame yourself for. It is not something you ate or did that caused it so just relax and let the doctors take care of your baby. You need to let that guilt go for you to be able to properly take care of your child. The baby also needs positive energy around it. If you feel guilty for causing the child to suffer you need to forgive yourself.

Let go of the hurt and pain so that you can be happy around your baby. Your baby still needs you even though you don’t get to hold them as often as you would like.

Get involved in your baby’s life

It may seem like there is nothing to do except stare at your baby every day since there are nurses assigned to him but you canvolunteer to do some things in hospital so that you don’t feel detached from your baby. It can be carrying blankets and any other thing that the nurses will allow you to do.

You may feel detached at first because that is your defense mechanism against shock or trauma. It becomes difficult to associate with the baby or even get close to him. Getting involved with the baby will help you get in touch with your emotions and eventually you will be able to deal with it.

Talk it out

Your closest friends and family may have been there with you as you delivered and went through all the procedures but unless they have experienced giving birth early, chances are they sympathize with you but they have no idea what you are going through.

You can look for mothers of preterm babies and share your experiences and learn from each other. It will definitely help to talk to someone who understands what you are going through without pitying you. It can even be for a few minutes every so often and it will help all the same.

Get away

Spending the whole day every day at the hospital looking at your baby may not change much. It may help you deal with the mixed emotions you are going through but you will need to take a break from it.

Go out for a walk, go to church or even a little work because getting a bit of your previous normal schedule will make you feel better and even energize you to help you deal with the daily tension.

Be patient with yourself

Remember that it is not your fault so there is nothing to blame yourself for. Things may move a little slower and you can easily be tempted to break down. Milk may take a little longer to come and you will probably be scared and excited to take your baby home because there will be no nurses to give your baby extra care.

It will take time but your body will adjust and you will learn, just like every mother, how to take care of your baby. Be patient with yourself and you will see it come to pass

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