5 Tips On How To Display Your Child’s Artwork

Bayo Ajibola

Your child creates masterpieces all the time, but your walls and fridge doors are already filled with previous words of art and you really don’t want to throw them away. But hanging on to each and every drawing or painting your kids does will require it’s own room! Instead of stashing them away as a keepsake in a box, become your home’s head curator and create a family gallery that will make your kids feel proud to call you mom (or dad)! Here are some tips on how to curate your kid’s artwork so that it’s a cherished keepsake for all time:

  1. Create an artwork gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage in the décor world and you probably have a few in your home right now, too! So why not add some personal touches to your existing gallery walls by adding collages of your kids’ art alongside family portraits?

  1. Create A Custom Tee

If you have a super cute piece of artwork, why not wear it proudly for the world to see by displaying it on a tee! You can easily turn it into a wearable masterpiece. Just scan it to your computer and print out the image on transfer paper that can then be ironed on to a plain white tee.

  1. Create A Professional-Looking Canvas

If you’re not up to framing your child’s work yourself, send it to professionals and they’ll handle the rest and they’ll make a museum or exhibition poster of it!

  1. Wire Art

Many parents like to change out their kid’s artwork and if you’re one of them, the wire art method works great! Just hang a few horizontal wires and clip any artwork up and rotate them as you get more.

  1. Create A Personalized Toy

For the really cute artwork piece of animals and the like, simply turn it into a whimsical toy with help from talented craftsmen that will turn them into stuffed toys that you can decorate their room with.

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