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5 Tips to Help With Your Baby’s Cold

Babies are delicate beings and every new change may affect them too. This is especially true about the weather and the cold weather comes with a few sniffles. An adult can easily blow their nose or take medication for a cold but not babies.

A baby with a stuffed nose can get really fussy since not being able to breathe presents a big problem. It can get really frustrating as a parent since you may find that there is very little that you can do to help your child. There are a few things that you can try to make your baby more comfortable and possibly even get rid of the cold altogether.

Make sure that your baby is properly hydrated

Proper hydration helps loosen any congestion in your baby’s nasal passage. You should get your baby to drink as many fluids as possible. This can be breast milk, water or formula. You can give soup if they are of the appropriate age for that. Dehydration will leave them very uncomfortable so make sure to avoid it.

Raise the head of your baby’s bed

Your baby’s nasal passage is usually inflamed during such an episode. It is better if you can get the inflammation to go down. One of the ways to do this is by reducing the blood flow to the nasal area. Elevating the head of the bed will get this done successfully without any side effects on the baby. You can do this by placing a pillow under your baby’s mattress so that the mattress is elevated evenly.

Use a vapor rub

The menthol in a vapor rub makes the congestion a little better. The cool feeling takes over the discomfort and sleeping becomes easier. Regular life gets restored even though for a short while. You may get tempted to apply the vapor rub to your baby’s nostrils but please resist. Instead of making things better since it is ‘closer’ to the problem, it will cause irritation and discomfort and may even interfere with breathing. It should be applied to the chest and the back only.

Nasal drops or an infant saline spray

A mild saline solution will help loosen the mucus in your baby’s nose and get things running smoothly. It will also help add moisture to the baby’s nasal passage and this further inhibits the cold. When these are used you may have a runny nose on your hands. You can get rid of this using an aspirator, which works the same as when an adult blows their nose.

These options are considered safe for children and they cause no kind of irritation to them.

Increase the humidity in the room

Air that is cool makes breathing difficult and especially with a cold. Raising the humidity in the room will help improve your baby’s breathing and make him feel more comfortable. You should use a warm-mist humidifier and therefore moisten the air around.

If there are any other children around you should keep the gadget out of reach to avoid any accidents.

A cold should ideally go away within a few days if there is nothing else in the background. You should however see a doctor if you see the following in your baby:

  • The cough progresses into a wheeze
  • Your baby’s temperature rises suddenly or your baby develops a high temperature that continues and exceeds two days.
  • Your baby seems more tired and sluggish than normal
  • Your baby begins pulling his ear

A high temperature is a very sensitive affair as it may signal that your baby’s body is fighting some kind of infection so do not take it lightly if it lasts long.

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