5 Ways to Build Your Daughter’s Confidence

Bayo Ajibola

Confidence is an issue affecting all adolescents and especially girls. The challenges faced by teenage girls can redefine their lives for better or worse depending on how well they cope. For every parent, a teenage daughter will have issues with her physical appearance, her hobbies, friends, and relationships. It is the duty of every parent to guide them through this stage and instill confidence in them.

Here are 5 ways of boosting your teenage daughter’s confidence:

  1. Encourage her to be firm in her stand.

Every teenage daughter needs to know it is okay to have a contrary opinion from the majority. They should not feel pressured into conforming to the majority opinion just to fit in. Instead, they should stand firm in their opinion regardless of what everyone thinks and confidently express their different opinions on matters.

  1. Complement and applaud their qualities.

Your teenage daughter has several qualities and talents that make her stand out from the crowd. Maybe she is smart, good in sports or has passion in serving others. As a parent, you should focus on helping your daughter showcase these attributes. It is damaging to concentrate on the physical aspects of your daughter. Whether beautiful or not, they will feel less of themselves since, besides their looks, they have nothing more to offer.

  1. Be a role model in your daughter’s life

Parents need to check on how they handle their insecurities in front of their daughters. While it is okay to open up about esteem struggles to your daughter, it is equally important to speak to them how you overcame these struggles and how different it has been for you since you learned to embrace your shortcomings. This not only instills confidence but also puts them at ease to open up about what they are insecure about.

  1. Be supportive of their goals, ambitions, and activities

As daughters grow older, you will begin to notice a change in their interests and hobbies. Adolescence is a discovery stage for most teenage girls as this is the point they discover what they actually enjoy doing. Being a parent, it is your duty to support your daughter’s interests and activities. Support from parents reassures and builds confidence in their abilities. They will have no fear in doing what they do best and every minute will be show time to them.

  1. Do not participate in body shaming whether actively or passively

The beauty industry is filled with a discriminate way of defining beauty. From svelte models to makeup and beauty procedures, it can be overwhelming to accept your natural self especially if you do not fit within the society’s definition of beauty. As a parent, teach your daughter to accept their physical appearance and know that everyone is different in one way or another. Plus size is also beautiful, skin color, hair type and everything about a woman is beautiful. Concentrating too much on physical appearance will make your daughter become conscious of her appearance lowering her self-esteem and consequently her confidence.


Everyone has something about them that they are insecure about. Building esteem and self-confidence is a process that requires an early start. Parents play a major role in shaping their daughter’s confidence and should start working on it at an early age. This makes their work a little lighter during their teenage years and makes it possible for their daughters to transition easily.

Bayo Ajibola

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