5 Ways To Be Relationship -ready While Single 

Bayo Ajibola
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Yeah Yeah, being single isn’t all that bad and lonely or being the third wheel in your friend’s outing with third boyfriends. While being single and waiting on the right partner, there are certain things you can work on to prepare you for the right one.

  • What is your type

Sit down and look back at your past relationships, whether your ex’s were your “exact-kind-of-man-i-want type” or you just settled for less. Sometimes we look back and wonder to ourselves, “what was I thinking dating this guy/girl”. So make up your mind not to settle for just any type, giving you an opportunity towards what exactly you’re searching for.

  • What were your past mistakes

As it’s said, mistakes aren’t to be repeated. So look back and ask yourself what mistakes or fault of yours ended your last relationships. Admit your faults and make a mental note not to repeat them as it could be a timing bomb on your next relationship. No baggage from your past.

  • Improve on yourself

Look beautiful, be more exposed and read wide, more knowledgeable and fun. Achieve more than you’ve had before. This sets a new level of attraction to the right partner you desire. Looking and being at your best will help you get the best.

  • Be open to fun moments and new dates

Being single can be fun and like a “stuck-in” kinda way where you find yourself too comfortable in the single zone. Don’t get too comfortable. Be fun and spontaneous, open to new dates and a chance at love. It could be your moment of a dance with prince-charming you’ve been patiently waiting for.

  • Let go of the past

This alone doesn’t mean experiences of your past relationships, it means getting over your exes. Not creating an opportunity for some friends with benefit situation when you’re intent on finding a new love. As this can pose as an obstacle or tie you down from moving on. Let go of the past and it’s baggages in order to move to a fresh start.


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