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Being a parent is downright hard. It’s so hard that you probably find yourself stressed out most of the time, worrying if your kids are eating enough, getting in enough learning time and so on. Worrying and parenthood seem to go hand-in-hand, so much that we often forget how to be happy. We become so immersed in trying to raise our children right, that we let the stress and worries overcome our daily lives and we often overlook that we should first and foremost be happy about being a parent.

Here are some ways to start living in the moment and be a happier parent for your children:

  1. Stop Worrying

Life isn’t something that you can plan or control no matter how hard you try, so know that you won’t be able to completely predict the future. Worry is going to be a part of life, but it shouldn’t stop you from being happy. Instead of worrying about your children all the time, live in the present and let the good times roll. Do everything you can do to prevent them from getting sick or being harmed and just be happy that they are healthy and yours!

  1. Stop Trying To Be The Perfect Parent

Know that there will never be a perfect parent so that your need for perfection can end. Every parent has failed one time or another and will continue to do so along the way. It’s okay, just learn from your mistakes and laugh at yourself. As long as your children are healthy and happy, you should be happy, too.

  1. Stop Yelling

If you’re always yelling at your children, is it doing any good? Are they really listening to you or are they simply afraid and intimated by you? Yelling constantly can really hurt your child’s trust in you. To change your yelling habits, take note of when you yell and under what circumstances and then change it. Give them timeout or discipline them in another way.

  1. Change Your Rules

If you live by a one-size-fits-all set of rules, know that each child is different with their own personality and traits. So what might work for your neighbor and their kids, won’t work for you and your kids. And even if you have more than one, something that worked for your oldest might do be the same for your youngest. You’ll have to adapt your rules to fit each of your children.

  1. You Don’t Always Have To Be On The Go

Parents these days think that their children always need to have a full social schedule. But they need just as much downtime as uptime, so the fact that you’re always on the go might actually be hurting their development. Instead, choose plans and things to do that support their development with things they actually like to do. You’ll be happier not having to plan things and they’ll get a break, too.

Bayo Ajibola

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