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Children are born innocent and willing to learn as they develop a growing curiosity for different things in their surroundings. Life then changes all this when adults begin to tell them horror stories or tell them over and over again that they can’t get things done. This can break most children and a once active child becomes withdrawn and keeps to himself.


Raising a confident child takes a lot of conscious effort because it is not a breeze. Your actions and comments have to be deliberate as they continue growing and finding out new things about themselves. Take it one step at a time and your little warrior or princess will blossom into a confident little citizen.


Encourage play

Play is an integral part of a child’s growth. It builds their energy levels and increase blood flow to their organs. It also allows them to explore their world without adult restrictions thus discovering themselves even more.

You can facilitate this by getting your child different kinds of appropriate toys for them to play with. Age should be the deciding factor as you make a choice and not your child’s gender. Toys come in different types and colors for both sexes so don’t shy away from buying your little girl a ball or getting a cooking set for your boy. Children are different.

Encourage teamwork

As your child plays encourage them to play peacefully with the other kids. This may be hard to do but introducing them to a new sport that requires them to play with other kids. This will slowly teach them to cooperate with others toward a certain goal.

You should encourage them to want to win. Some kids prefer to watch other people win or are afraid that winning may have them make their friends unhappy so remind them to always play their best and not to be afraid of winning.

Find out their likes

It is very easy for parents to push their own agenda when they are raising their children but in most cases this is not what the child is good at. As a parent you are to guide your child so take time to find out what they enjoy doing and help them build on it. Supporting them in their hobbies makes them feel like you trust them enough and their decisions may not be that bad after all.

Positive affirmations

When your child does not win a game tell them something positive. Remind them that they did a good job and winning is not all there is. Don’t let them badmouth themselves as this destroys their confidence. You are their number one cheerleader so give this role your best.

Inner beauty

Children will come home sobbing because someone said they are not pretty or they don’t have nice clothes. Something that seems small to you can be very major for your toddler so take it in your stride and remind them that they are great as they are. Compliment their inner qualities like caring, thoughtful and smart and don’t forget the physical. Tell your daughter she is beautiful and your son he is handsome because they need to hear it. Continue helping them build positive character traits and they will become even greater people when they grow up.

As you teach your child to be confident remember to instill in them the importance of reaching for what they really want without knocking other people on the way. It may be difficult at first because there may be some teasing but courtesy will take them a lot further than blind ambition and being inconsiderate.

Bayo Ajibola

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