Ladies love to hear those three magical words ‘I love you’ but for men, things are a bit different which makes it not so easy for a lady to express her love to her man regardless of if they have just gotten together or if they have been together for a while.


Men aren’t much on the verbal communication of love and mostly prefer to see things done for them instead of the use of words. There are loads of ways to show your love to your man other than saying the magic words. Doing those things makes him feel special when he knows he has your complete attention. You can do this by showing your appreciation physically so be prepared for giving him lots of cuddles and hugs. Your man will definitely notice your special feelings in the way you caress him.

The important thing is that you take the time to show your man how much you love him so that your relationship will stay happy and healthy. This is because men may be complicated but they also desire to be loved.


No matter how macho and strong men try to be, even they have things that bother them whether at work or at home and when those issues reach a certain limit, just allow him to vent and help him release all the tension. Compared to females, men are a lot expressive about their emotions which more often than not makes them think with logic for fear of being ridiculed.

So whenever your man wants to open up to you, it means he wants you to listen and be empathic. In fact, it will make him happier if you listen intently and understand the points he tries to make instead of you acting like his mother or teacher. If you miss the chance to really listen to him, he will avoid any further venting. And there’s nothing worse than not knowing what your man is thinking at any given time.

So have some patience as he shares all that he is going through, this will show him that you care, but don’t forget to let him know what’s on your mind too. If you want your man to know that you love him, communicate clearly and honestly.WAYS TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE TO YOUR MAN.


Make sure you always take the opportunity to touch your man, it could be a quick caress on the back of his neck or his arm during a moment of relaxation, lay your head on his shoulder, hold his hand, even give him a hug. It is essential for him to know that he is on your mind.

For example, as you pass by, place your hand on his shoulder and gently squeeze it. A few kisses on the cheek work too. You could place your hand or your thighs on his leg and snuggle in close during bedtime or tickle his feet with yours under the covers. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let him know how much you love him and how much you are thinking about him, through simple caresses.

When he walks in the door after a hard day at work, give him a hug – it means a lot to him.

You’d be surprised at what a moment of touch can trigger and how quickly it could change the mood of your relationship.


When you are together, do not ignore your man. Show him that he is a priority when you are together by spending some quality time together without any distractions. Stop checking your phone every so often – twitter and Instagram can wait – or divert your attention from him in any way.

Concentrate on what he is doing and saying, hold hands and maintain eye contact. Just simply have time only for your man.WAYS TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE TO YOUR MAN.


Doing little favors – emphasis on little – for your man goes a long way in expressing your love for him, especially when he’s in a pinch. For example, if he’s too busy at work, you can get him his lunch, if you are able to – he’d definitely appreciate it. At the end of a long and stressful day, cook him a nice dinner with his favorite food – all he needs to do is enjoy the meal and do his dishes after. You could also run small errands for him if he could use the help – like helping him to pick up one of his shirts if you were on your way to the mall.

Though the favors are small, they’ll eventually add up and he’ll appreciate you for it.


Girl get it on – or rather take it off. When you show your man that you love him by showing him how much you want him, you’ll make him feel on top of the world. Be it a little afternoon delight, a spontaneous quickie or planned out sex, be the one to take the initiative and let loose. Don’t just have sex only because he wants to, have sex because you are excited to get it on with your man and show him how much you love him.

Wear something sexy so he falls over himself the moment he walks in through the door. You could even build up his anticipation a bit by texting all the naughty things you want to do to him during the day, believe me, he’ll love it. Take the initiative and be creative, have sex in new places. If you are in the mood, have sex, not just on your bed but on your couch, on your rug or even on his desk, but most importantly, show him beneath the sheets how much you love him, express yourself with your body and whisper it in his ears.

At the end of the day, these expressions of love must flow out sincerely from your heart, so go get your man girl!


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