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5 Ways to Help Celebrate a Friend’s Pregnancy if You Haven’t Conceived Yet

Pregnancy is a happy time for any pregnant woman since babies are a blessing and they mark the beginning of a new chapter. Anyone with female friends or acquaintances will attend a baby shower or just see one of their friends pregnant. This is normally a happy time and friends celebrate with each other but it becomes a little difficult to celebrate if you are still trying to conceive.

You may even hear your friend saying how it just happened and it was unexpected yet you have been trying religiously to get pregnant, complete with fertility calculators, constant sex and checking your basal body temperature. It can be really hard butfriendships should go beyond such circumstances. So how do you remain genuinely happy for your friend?


Not being able to conceive is a difficult process and it can drain the life from you. The constant thoughts can interfere with your emotions and cause you to have an emotional breakdown when you least expect it. You need to talk to someone about your emotions and what you are going through so that you are better able to deal with the different challenges as they come.

Choosing a therapist that will talk to you and advise you on how to handle issues will help you a great deal. They will look at matters from an expert’s point of view and advise you accordingly. You will find that you are calmer and even better able to handle everyday life.

Emotional support

A professional’s help goes a long way in helping you through this journey but a more personal touch also makes a difference. Having a friend, your partner or even a support group to talk to about your struggles helps you get through many issues.

You can involve your partner or ask a trusted friend to be your support. A group of men and women going through the same thing you are going through will understand what you are talking about and even offer advice from a knowledgeable point of view.

Go easy on yourself

Trying to conceive is a process and you cannot put a time span on it. It is influenced by many different things that you may sometimes have no control over and it becomes even more frustrating. Give yourself time to deal with your emotions.

You may feel a lot of pressure especially when all your friends seem to be getting pregnant apart from you. You do not have to go into self-doubt or self-loathe. Your time will come so take it easy and take things one day at a time. If you do not feel ready to face your friend yet don’t hesitate to cancel. Explain yourself and if they are good friends they will understand and even extend some love to you.

Treat yourself well

The urge at this point may be to punish yourself for not being able to accomplish ‘such a simple and natural task’ but you need a lot of affirmation. Positivity will improve your mental health and improve your chances of conceiving.

Take some time to buy yourself a simple gift, go for a walk, do some meditation or even take on that spa treatment and the massage. Tell yourself nice things as well since these will improve your mood.

Make it real

When you finally gather the strength to visit your pregnant friend try to keep your focus on your friend. Give them your attention and be genuinely supportive. They will be very grateful that you chose to celebrate with them.


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