5 Ways to Know You Are Dating a The Right Person

When you are dating someone, you can often wonder if that person is your chosen one or not and if he or she is a good person. Everyone has a written or unwritten list of the qualities we want in someone. However, we must have realistic expectations and realize that we are married to potential and not perfection. How then do you know if you are dating a good person? Here are five signs.

1. The person loves you

Your future spouse should inspire you to be more than you are. But they should be completely in love with you just the way you are now, not in the future when you lost 10 pounds, gained 20 pounds or when you stopped being a nerd. 

One of the biggest mistakes single people make is thinking that they need to change “something” to find the right person. So many guys go to the gym to get a body in order to find a girl. Seriously, guys, if that person can’t take time out of your day to give you attention because you can’t lose 10 pounds, then that person isn’t right for you.

Your future spouse will love you all! No restrictions. Yes, this person should inspire you to be someone better, accept, and love you with all your peculiarities. That person’s love is not based on how you look, but who you really are. You will love it as it grows and changes over time. When we find someone who loves us like this, we find our chosen one.

2. The person puts God first

This signal is very important. Most people think that they need to put their spouse first, but God really needs to be number one. This will base them on the basic principles of honesty, faith, sacrifice, forgiveness, and, above all, their commitment to keeping their promises. You not only need to find someone who puts God first, but also someone who will not be upset that you put God ahead of him/her. In all things, our covenants with God must come first.

A big secret in successful marriages is something called the marriage triangle, God is at the top, and husband and wife are in the bottom corners. As husband and wife get closer to God, they get closer to each other and raise their kids according to the teachings of Christ. Happy couples put God first. After God, your spouse must come in second place. Nothing and no one, except God, should stand between you and your spouse. 

Many of the Millennium Generation are selfish, they put their wills in front of other people, even in front of God. This attitude will destroy any relationship. So, when you find that person who puts God first and you second, then you find your chosen one

3. The person is hardworking

If marriage should be a partnership involving both sides, then dating should be like that too. If you are in a relationship where only you are doing your best or where almost all of the effort is yours, this can be a sign that the other person is not right for you or is not ready for marriage. When you find the right girl, she will work hard to make the relationship work the same way you do. 

For a relationship to be lasting, both parties must be fully involved. When you find the right person, they will recognize that you are worth the effort. Both will sacrifice and both will be willing to pay any price to be together. When you find the person you are willing to do this for and someone who is willing to do the same for you, then you have found your chosen one.

4. The person has time for you

One of the biggest lies we tell is when we say we are too busy to go out with anyone. It is not that the person or you are too busy, the truth is that neither wants to go out with that person. If someone’s dream person called to ask her out, she would probably find a way. The truth is that everyone is busy. However, they always make time for things and the people they care about. If they are not willing to make time for you, it means that they don’t care. 

On the other hand, there is a person who makes time for you. Of course, people are busy, they have obligations to fulfill, work, school, church, etc. But they all find a way to make time for the people they care about. The truth is, there are many activities that we do that we can include the other person to spend more time together. You can make dinner together, study together, go shopping together.

5. The person encourages and allows you to dream big

Everyone has dreams. Going in search of a dream is a scary thing that requires the support of those around you. No one will be more supportive than your future spouse. Finding someone who not only encourages you but also allows you to live your dream is vital. 

Your partner sees your dreams and realizes that it is the essence of who you are. This person is willing to sacrifice himself to help you achieve your wishes and therefore allow you to live your dream.

You don’t really need a soothsayer to let you know that you have found the right person. This is because when you do, you feel it. It comes naturally, you connect with that person and your values align. Everything looks and feels beautiful. The question is, have you found the right partner? 

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