5 Ways to Love Your Husband

Marriage is one of the most fun and rewarding relationships we can be a part of. The quality of marriage depends on the effort we are willing to invest in it. No one magically appears in a marriage that is totally happy and smooth, but it does take some effort to achieve. The more willing we are to focus our thoughts, prayers, and efforts on marriage, the more fun, joyful, and fulfilling it will become.

Here are some ways to devote extra interest and energy to loving your husband:

  1. Avoid criticism and dedicate yourself to praising him

While it is true that one sometimes needs to communicate frustrations, husbands also need lots of praise. Some studies show that successful marriages have positive interactions that outweigh negative ones. So if you have to complain about something, make sure that is not all you do. Love and praise your husband.

  1. Pray for him

You should do this not only because you need God’s help, but also because prayer will help you too. By taking time to pray for your husband you are training your mind to consider his needs, goals and the difficulties he is having. Also think of ways you can support him as his wife.

  1. Treat him as you want him to be

This applies to all relationships. Positive support goes much further than complaints. Instead of complaining for what seems like a negative attitude, talk to him politely. It is way better and makes more difference. Be positive and find ways to praise your husband and look for the good in him.

  1. Love him, serve him and surprise him

The best marriages are a result of the effort that goes into them. Strive to love your husband. You can plan ahead and leave a cute note for him to find. You may treat him to a surprise vacation and give him tickets to see his favorite soccer team. Hide behind the front door and wrap him in a big hug when he gets home. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

  1. Know his language

Sure, filling his email with affectionate messages is nice, but if his love language is physical closeness, it is not going to mean much to him. If your love language is affectionate notes and you decide to leave notes for him all over his apartment but his love language is quality time, it won’t make so much difference. It is better to spend quality time with such person than to leave notes for him.

In order to love your husband effectively you need to know what makes him happy. Sometimes we love other people the way we like to be loved, and then we wonder where we went wrong. Anyone can do a Google search and find an amazing amount of ideas on how to love her husband, but in the end you are the only one who knows what will bring total success in your marriage. 

The best way to show love is to try to learn more about your husband, attending to his needs and preferences as you get to know them. Remember that these can change over time so have fun, be proactive, go with the flow, and enjoy your marriage.

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