5 Ways You Are Gradually Turning Your Child Into A Brat

Bayo Ajibola

We all know kids can be difficult and often times downright naughty. From seeing them pull tantrums at the simplest of things to just being difficult for the fun of things, here are 4 ways parents are gradually turning their kids into brats without them realizing it.



Parents, have to know that nothing about life is a fairy tale. Life itself is made up of ups and downs and allowing our kids to experience this is very important. We can not always make them happy, as doing this make them believe everything is good, and the moment turn out not as expected, they begin to act out. We all as parents have to let them live and know that ;life isn’t a bed of roses. Doing this, will enable them adjust well and become better adults in life.


Tolerating them questioning authority

Yes, kids will be kids and we as parents will want to show them we love them, but this should not get on the way of making them know they can not question authority.

When your kid comes home and complains about a teacher or an elderly person, and without listening to the entire story, you assume your superhero stance, immediately calling or barging down to that person to inquire why your kid was treated the way he or she explained, you are automatically letting such kid know, it is okay to question authority. In this case, have your kid explain fully what really happened then go talk to the teacher or whomever was reported and act accordingly.


Letting your temper take lead when dealing with your kid’s tantrums

The last thing a parent will ever want to do is show their bad temper when reprimanding their kid. Doing this will only mean you tolerate their naughtiness. When your kid pulls a tantrum and you need to reprimand them, do so in a calm voice.


Rewarding their every move

It should be noted that not all moves by kids needs to be rewarded. Parents tend to give rewards for things such as getting their young ones to eat a certain meal or even take a bath when its due, what such a parent is doing is bad as that kid might refuse to do those things next time without a reward.

For times, you need to reward your kid, explain to them why they are being rewarded and that you expect they will get up and do the same thing next time, without a reward.


Offering them too much help

Offering your kids too much help on things they could easily do by themselves will in turn make them lazy and become adults who have little or no motivation towards achieving success. Yes as parents, sometimes, we want to help out, but having them wash a plate or two, brush their teeth when old enough, will not hurt them. The earlier we begin to teach our kids to do some tasks around the house for themselves and our home, the better for us all.



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