5 Ways You Can Get Your Child To Stop Being A Picky Eater And Eat Well

Bayo Ajibola

Many parents are faced with the challenge of getting their kids to eat certain foods. Like we all know, kids can sometimes be picky eaters and this in a way can affect their well being.

Here are 5 ways to get your child to stop being a picky eater and eat everything serves.


Be firm and disallow temper tantrums

Kids, are known for their love of pulling tantrums just to get their way, but this must be stopped. When your kid starts pulling any sort of tantrum upon being served his or meal, stand firm and in slightly loud tone but very calm demeanor, reprimand them, also you can have them sent to their rooms should they start to act aggressive. It is a must that parents learn not to argue with them when they start acting out, and they should never issue empty threats.


Ensure you keep a tight meal schedule.

A meal schedule must be put up and followed fervently. You and the kids must know when its time to have a certain meal and stick to that time. Ensure that everyone sits to eat at the same time and only give them meal when its the stipulated time. Also, allow them play between meals, this way they become hungry and eat anything given when its meal time.


Make sure everyone eats the same thing

Except you have to cater to babies or kids with special needs, make sure everyone eats the same thing when its a meal time. Of course there are meals that might be tasteless, add some spices if need be for more flavor and serve everyone, just make sure they do not opt for another meal because they detest the taste of the one served.


Serve different meals all the time

When you notice your child is drifting towards some certain meals, making them his or her favorite, it shows that you might have been serving those meals way too often. Make sure your child does not get used to a certain meal, switch up your meal roaster on a weekly basis. If you decide to have spaghetti and meatballs on a Tuesday, make sure you do not serve this type of meal again that week, wait until the following week, on a  different day so you don’t start building a pattern. Also, parents, once a week, allow them chose their breakfast or dinner, this way things won’t be too stiff during meal times.


Serve vegetable with every meal

Most kids are known for their dislike for vegetables but this should never stand in the way of the,m having it during every meal. Make sure your child’s meal has at least 40 percent of vegetable in it. For kids that want to pull tantrums, refusing toe at, make them understand that it’s either they eat what’s served or they stay hungry till the next meal. Trust me, when they see how strict and firm you stand by your words coupled with their growling stomach, no one will need to teach them before they sit down to the meal served.


Bayo Ajibola

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