51-year-old Dutch man sentenced to 22 years in jail for sexually abusing children

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Naijaaparents.com have gathered that a 51 years old Dutch man identified as Raymond Klunder was last week sentenced to 22 years in jail for sexually abusing children in Thailand.

The Serial pedophile was arrested at his home in the Smorprong area of Hua Hin, Thailand in November 2017 where he had lived for several years and worked in real estate and as a music teacher in the resort town.

At the time of his arrest, a ten year old boy was found inside the property, while another boy arrived at the house as Klunder was being led away by police.

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations made the arrest after acting on a tip off from the police in the Netherlands, where Klunder is also wanted on charges of sexually abusing children.

Newscastars.com further obtained from De Telegraaf report that Klunder, admitted the charges against him, saying he used to lure boys to his property by telling them they could swim in his pool.

He would also give the boys food and admitted to later having sex with them and recording videos which we would distribute to his pedophile friends.

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