6 Do’s And Don’ts Every Parent Must Know

Bayo Ajibola

Yes, we know there is no written guide book on the best ways to bring up a child but there are certain rules all parents must follow if they intend to raise great kids.

So many parents, have simply ignored these rules even as they see it around them every other day not knowing that they are gradually endangering the growth of their kids.

If you are a  first time parent, or you wish to know the best ways in bringing up your kids, then this article is for you.

Here are 6 different parenting approaches that could endanger your child’s growth.


Wise parents discover the uniqueness in their kids while normal parents merely compare their kids:

This is some how common amongst many parents who do not understand that every kid is unique in his or her own wake.Parents who are unaware of this end up comparing their children which in turn stunts the growth of such child.


Wise parents guide their kids from their mistakes while normal parents just punish the kids for making the mistake:

Even as adults there are still somethings we are not well enlightened about talk less of kids who are just growing. When your kid makes a mistake, instead of punishing, teaching them the right way and help guide them away from making such mistakes again.


Normal parents enforce their views on their kids, while wise parents help their kids realize their dream s and steps on how to achieve them.

Most parents belief they know it all and force their beliefs down the truth of their kids, giving such kids no room at all in discovering their own dreams.


Wise parents set good examples for their children while normal parents only lay down rules.

When you lea an exemplary life, your kid learns from you and this in turn develops them. When you lay down so many rules for a child, at a point they might begin to rebel.


Wise parents give their kids space to explore and learn new things, normal parents rush to their kids aid when its needed.

As parents we must give our kids enough space to explore and learn things on their own, always rushing o their side when they need help will in no way help them grow to be independent beings. We all must allow our kids enough room to learn things on their own.


Wise parents take time to listen and understand their kids while normal parents believe the school should and would handle all these things

As parents, no matter how busy we might be, we must create time for our kids. Every child wants that special bond with their parents, so create time and listen to your kids. Ply with them and help the, understand thinking they might find difficult. You should think because your kid spends most of his or her day in school, its automatically the teacher’s duty to take up your own responsibilities as parents. Listen to your kids when they need a listening ear and help when they need some explaining done.





Bayo Ajibola

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