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If you’re just like me, who teaches your kids as you go, impacts wisdom to them as they make their way through the road of life, how often do you really sit down and think about the critical life skills you’d like them to have? Take some moments to brainstorm what’s really important to you and your partner when it comes to the competencies that are vital to setting your kids up for success and start focusing on them today. 6 LIFE SKILLS YOU SHOULD TEACH YOUR CHILDREN.

Here are 6 Essential Life Skills to teach your young ones:

Unconditional Love

By loving your children wholeheartedly and openly every day, you are equally showing them how to love themselves and others. Teaching your kids to accept themselves for who they are will make them do the same with others. They must also be willing to forgive family and friends in order to love them unconditionally.

Social Awareness and Manners

Impact social and conversational skills from a young age by allowing them to join adult gatherings from time to time. Make sure you don’t segregate your children from the adults – they can learn a lot about etiquette, social cues and the art of conversation from being around grown-ups. These settings are also the best time to work on basic manners including the constant use of “please,” “thank you,” “pardon me,” as well as accurate dining etiquette.

Respect for people

Children learn respect from their family and it starts with family members caring for each other’s physical space, thoughts, interests, and needs. When your kids feel that what’s important to them is held in high regard by others, they will be able to emulate the same respect for their family and peers.



All Things Nature

Instill a lifelong love of nature by spending quality time in the fresh air, in cool fun weather. Let your kid’s plant seedlings in the garden, climb trees at the park, feed the birds in your backyard and jump in rain puddles on the street. We all love summer camping, day picnics and hiking by the lake. When you expose your kids to our beautiful planet, it will make them appreciate it more and love to protect it for future generations.

Good Hygiene

Create early good hygiene habits that will stay with your kids forever – from teaching proper teeth brushing and hand washing techniques to tots, to encouraging bathing daily for sweaty teens. Make learning daily habits fun for young kids by using props, singing, and giving out reward stickers. A healthy hygiene sets them up for well-being and good health in later life.

Food Preparation

Get your kids up in the kitchen early, let them help you to select meals, prepare food and cook with you. My son learned how to prepare snacks in preschool and loved it. Ever since, he’s been comfortable in our kitchen and not afraid to stir a pot, use a knife, or get his hands dirty.

Start by teaching them how to make simple soups and pastas and work your way up to teach them more complicated dishes.


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