6 Practical Tips to Win a Woman

Learning how to win a woman becomes a man’s goal at some point in life. It is clear that each man has a different pattern of growth. While some men seek to be with one woman for life, others still desire to have as many women as possible. It is important to emphasize that there are no miracles in the art of conquest. Women do not fall from the sky and the vast majority prefer to be happy alone than with bad company, so it is important that you present yourself as a good option.

The tips below will help you to learn how to win a woman. It’s time for you to face this challenge and let go of all insecurity.

1. Take care of your appearance 

The first tip is to take care of your appearance. Appearance is not everything, but it is essential to win the woman you want. It is noteworthy here that looks are not the same thing as beauty, so you don’t have to be a soap opera heartthrob to look good. The appearance is related to your care with the clothes you wear, with your personal hygiene, with your hair, beard and many other details. It is true that appearance plays a secondary role in a woman’s attraction to a man. 

2. Always be approachable

The second important tip on how to win a woman is to always be approachable. Keep a good and welcoming look and have a smile on your face always. Try to get along with the people around you and pay attention to people. Be kind, don’t talk to women just to win them over. Take the time to meet people and talk about different life subjects. 

This ability to be natural in a group and to get along well with everyone who is there is essential when starting a conversation with a woman you want to win over. Be careful not to go overboard, don’t draw too unnecessary attention to yourself.  Be balanced, as a man should be.

3. Smell nice and have a great personality 

Men and women are attracted in different ways. For example, while men are attracted to sight, women are more attracted to smell and personality. You must take this into consideration when trying to win a woman.  

This is why perfume is an important part. Women are always aware of the smell of men and also what they say. It’s common to find beautiful women with men who are not so handsome but who have a great conversation.

Also be careful with the touch, women are much more sensitive to touch than men. So, when talking to a woman, be careful about touching her too much. You can only do that when you have gotten comfortable with each other. 

4. Don’t be shy, take the initiative 

Waiting is not the best decision for a man to win a woman. The best thing to do is always to take the initiative. As difficult as it is for you, it will be important to let go of your shyness and start moving.

Men who wait for women to come around them naturally can wait for the rest of their lives. Remember that the most that can happen is that you get a negative response. Taking the initiative can tell a woman a lot about you. Many women prefer men who decide and act naturally.

5. Be natural and speak freely but with caution.  

An essential tip on how to win over a woman is to forget about ready-made pickups. This kind of teasing doesn’t work, it just shows you how you can’t start a natural conversation with a woman. It is important that you start a good conversation and make this conversation enjoyable. 

Watch how you speak and learn to listen, many men have difficulty listening to people speak. You must not always be the one talking. Avoid serial questions, don’t take a quiz wherever you go. Let the conversation flow naturally. Too many questions can make a woman self-conscious.

6. Create opportunities to meet people 

Staying indoors won’t help you win a woman. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, women do not fall from the sky. Therefore, it is important that you create opportunities to meet interesting women.

The first step is to leave the TV and the internet aside and get out of the house. Look for frequent places where you can meet women with similar interests to yours. This can help you a lot and make the achievement become something natural.

Be careful not to burn yourself in these environments, many women receive numerous teases at a party and are fed up with the behavior of many men. Remember the top tips and take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

These are some tips on how to win a woman. They  are simple and easy to put into practice. Of course, for some it’s always harder to start a conversation, be sociable, or even look good. But, you can improve your skills over time

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