6 Problems That Can Be Avoided in Marriage

It is common for all of us to go through some crisis in marriage. There are several of the most frequent reasons for the couple’s fight ranging from money to emotional dependence, kids and even sex. However, some behaviors can reduce problems and facilitate relationships at home. 

Choose a day alone, to talk about everything and analyze with love, what actions you will take to prevent the marriage from continuing in crisis. Some of the problems you can discuss and also try to avoid include: 

1. Emotional dependence

Always expecting your partner to be the reason for your happiness is quite wrong. When we put the responsibility to be happy on the other, other conflicts happen. This type of problem causes discomfort between the couple, and monotony begins to be part of the relationship. 

The one who is emotionally dependent starts to feel an inner emptiness. This is unhealthy and when one partner fails to meet the emotional needs of the other person, problems ensue and requires strong resolution. 

2. Too much expectations

When we expect too much from our partner we may begin to experience problems because our partner may not be able to meet those expectations. This may be because he can’t do it or because it’s not in his plans and sometimes it doesn’t even match his personality. Other times, the person may not even know what your expectations are and therefore, acts freely.  

This behavior almost always ends in a fight. Because when the other doesn’t live up to expectations, we get bored and frustrated. But for this problem there is a solution and it is easy. Just let go of your expectations and build something strong and lovely with your partner. 

3. Poor communication

Poor communication is another big problem in marriages. This is because both parties do not communicate their feelings effectively and it becomes hard for the other person to know what is going on and how to help or make things better. Therefore, talking about things properly in a relationship is very essential. 

However, asking questions like “How did you feel about this or that?” helps to increase the couple’s emotional intimacy. This is one of the solutions recommended by specialists in couple therapy. So we need to make time to talk, without interruptions, without the hustle and bustle of everyday life and without the bills bothering you. 

4. Sexual disinterest

Lack of sexual intimacy also causes marital crisis. Although the couple has communication, affection, complicity and admiration, sexual interest is also part of the relationship. Disinterest in sex in marriage can be caused by stress, routine, constant fights or because of the woman’s hormonal phases, for example.

Another important factor that needs to be avoided is sameness in intimacy. The responsibility for creativity, daring and seduction is both. A big mistake for the couple is to assign this task to just one person. When, in fact, the two need to be in tune, for the satisfaction to be full. Thus, close up the  gaps and enjoy eachother’s sexual energy.

5. Avoid jealousy

Sometimes jealousy sets in unknowingly especially when your partner is with an opposite sex. Insecurity goes hand in hand with distrust, and at this stage the danger is real. The crisis in marriage increases when one of the partner grows jealous because the comparison with other outsiders is constant. 

Thus, they end up feeling that their partner is no longer attracted to them and the fear of losing someone you love to someone else becomes scary. In this case, an urgent self-assessment is needed to regain self-esteem and self-love. Write down everything that makes you jealous, and analyze later if it makes any sense to you.

6. Disgust and sadness 

These feelings reflect a little of everything we’ve talked about. Our busy life ends up taking away what is best within us: love. To overcome this, you have to love yourself first. In the same way you need to be happy with yourself. 

Think about what makes you happy, think about what you like and what makes you have fun. Now, take all this and share it with the love of your life, after all. Invite each other out, go out for ice cream, watch a movie at the cinema, or just sit in the park for small talk. Talk, listen, stop a little, smile more, hug more, kiss more and love each other more.

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