6 Reasons for Temporal Separation from Your Partner

Sometimes we think that taking time within a relationship or a temporary separation is a false step or it can be bad, but the reality is that everything depends on the personal situation of each of the parties within the bond. So is it a useful process? What does it contribute, what does it benefit?

Sometimes couple relationships go through stagnations or bad times and sometimes one of the members finds himself between a rock and a hard place. However, a non-definitive break is formulated to decide where the balance is tipped.

Sometimes this temporary separation from the couple is sometimes a sign that you really want to end the relationship or that there are other problems that you do not know how to solve.These may include: 

1. Take time to clarify feelings

It can be beneficial to the relationship if you both agree that you need time to reflect. It must be a solution after multiple unsuccessful attempts being together. When there are many discussions that cannot be resolved or when, on the contrary, it is not discussed but the relationship is in a flat encephalogram, it may be a good time to talk about taking time away from each other.

Of course, that time has to be more or less measured and agreed: how long, degree of contact, if you have children in common, how is it going to be done and what is going to be said to the children, what is allowed and what is not at that time? etc.

2. You want to solve problems within the relationship

Taking time with your partner does not help to solve those problems that you are currently going through. In fact, taking time alone is a patch that will not magically resolve these conflicts on their own. In these cases, you should talk with your partner and try to work on what is missing. 

Putting the time in between will not solve what you want to be fixed in your link. Only through communication and honesty can you make your relationship completely healthy. 

3. Wanting time to work on yourself

There are people who may start a relationship and are not mentally prepared to assume the responsibility that it entails. On the other hand, some people need to put distance within a relationship to be able to work on an aspect that is failing within themselves. In these cases, a temporary separation may be well justified and beneficial to both parties. 

4. Heal wounds

Another of the most common situations is trying to take time to heal wounds that have arisen within the relationship. In these cases, especially after an

infidelity, it is good to take time not only to heal these wounds, but also to know if you really want to continue the relationship. 

5. Stressful situations

Some people need to take time in a relationship to deal with the pain that certain bad situations can cause them. For example, if a person is suffering depression or you are going through a duel, it may be advisable to temporarily separate . 

6. Achieve goals

At other times, people ask to take time to achieve or work more on their own goals. In these cases, putting distance can be very effective in focusing on something that will improve the relationship because you have achieved a goal.

As we can see, spending time with the couple is, according to psychology, something recommended depending on the situation. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking this step and requesting a temporary separation in the couple, you must be sure of what your goal is behind it. 

How many couples come back after taking time out?

It is normal that if a woman asks for time or if a man asks for time, this question arises. In these cases you should think that if a person has proposed to put distance within your relationship it is because things were not going as well as you thought. Therefore, it is essential that you reflect on the reason for this temporary separation and decide to take care of your mental health to take advantage of this process.

In answer to this question, the majority of couples who return after a while do so because they have been able to heal themselves or heal the wounds within the relationship. Therefore, the only thing you can do is to work on yourself. 

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