6 Signs He’s Crazy About You

We often expect men to go an extra mile to prove their love for us that we forget that their little gestures and acts of kindness are filled with love and affection. If you have any doubts about your partner’s love for you, you can start observing the small attitudes that demonstrate this.

Much more than the words said, the actions we take are able to demonstrate what we feel. Attention, care and concern are some of the things that suggest someone’s love and affection. Other signs that your husband or boyfriend is crazy about you include.

1. Gestures of Care

Little gestures of care cannot be overlooked when a man is crazy about you. Those little gestures that show care are a testament to his feelings for you. Opening the car door for you to get in or out, helping you down the stairs when you are in high heels, going to a doctor’s appointment to keep you company are such simple gestures, but only those who really care have the ability to do them. 

When he loves you, he will help drop the kids off at school if you have to be at work earlier than usual. He would also help buy groceries from the store or make dinner when you have a deadline to meet. These acts show care and support. 

2.  Prioritizes you

Of course, there are times when there is no choice, it is necessary to comply with the workload at work or with studies. But if you notice that he prioritizes you over everything else, this is a sign of love. That last slice of cake that he leaves reserved for you is an act of great affection. Even dying to eat a good candy with you at the end of the day, believe me, it is a demonstration of love. He involves you while making decisions and respects your suggestions. 

3.  Shares his feelings with you 

There are times when we go through difficult moments. At such times, we seek someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean in. If you are the main listener of your husband or boyfriend, you can be sure that you have a great place reserved in his heart. 

He talks to you about everything, his anxieties, fears, achievements, joys and successes. Not everyone has access to the hearts of others so easily, it takes a lot of feeling involved. For him to open up to you, it shows you mean a lot to him and he knows his fears, successes and joy are safe with you. 

4. Praises you 

You know that feeling where you can’t keep calm about someone you love? You just can’t let their good looks slide or let them pass without telling them how beautiful they look? Yes. Your man will definitely shower you with praises if he’s crazy about you. 

He appreciates not just your beauty but your smartness, great character, intelligence and more. Next time you come across your boyfriend / husband praising you, or telling his friends or strangers about you, rest assured that this is a show of affection and admiration.

5. Admires your company

A man who loves you will always want to be with you. He loves you company and doesn’t want to let go. You can complain when he doesn’t want to be with you even when they are alone in the living room watching television, but if your husband or boyfriend makes sure to be with you at all times when there is an opportunity, just know that you are admired and loved. They make out time to play games with you, go on dates and vacations. He will also help you out in the kitchen or help you prepare for a presentation. 

6. Looks at you with admiration

Looks don’t lie. When a man is in love with you, you can see the look in their eyes. He looks at you tenderly, with so much love and affection. His eyes admire in a different way the one he loves, a sublime look of admiration, pride and respect. His eyes bear a very passionate look that you can’t help but notice and love. 

Most times we women tend to put a lot of demands on our husbands and boyfriends that we don’t notice the little signs that they give us often. If you look closely, you will observe that these little gestures he exhibits go a long way to show how much he loves you. 

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