6 Signs You Were Raised By A Strong Mum

Bayo Ajibola


Mums, are one of the strongest people walking the face of the earth. A strong mom, teaches you not only the norms but also also how to think outside the box.

To all our strong mums out there, God bless you all.

Here are 6 signs you were raised by a strong mum.


A Strong mum teaches you how to communicate well

Communication is key to a strong mum. She teaches you how to be straight and communicate your feelings or whatever needs to be said perfectly. Being raised by a strong mum, teaches that child how to be honest and make use of their words while staying in touch with their thoughts at all time.


Strong mums do not teach what to think but how to think

A strong mum teaches you to read and learn things then form your own opinions out of what you learnt. She teaches you how to be your own person. You learn how to gather information on things necessary and then evaluate to come up with your views about it. You learn how to ask questions when need be and are never afraid to fail and get up to start all over again.


With all gender, education is paramount

Regardless of you being either a boy or girl, a strong mum teaches you just how important education is to your being. Strong mums also know that education isn’t all about schools, or piling up on good grades, its ore about paying attention, learning new things, asking questions if need be and expressing your thoughts via excellent literacy.


String mum teaches you that you are your own competitor

A strong mum makes you understand that it is okay to fail and still get up and try all over again. This she shows you on even with her own life. She teaches you that no matter the obstacles or how many they are, you keep forging ahead. A strong mum to top it all, wants you to be self-reliant.


Strong mums teaches you be financially independent

Regardless of your gender here, strong mum teaches her kids to be financially independent. She will teach you to work hard and for what you want to be able to earn well and live a good life. She also teaches you how to manage your finances and affairs to avoid being bankrupt or broke in no time. They teach you how to take care of your self and avoid being co-dependant.


She gives you the confidence and assurance to be you

Nothing brings about a happier existence than being who we are. Now so  many people are living someone else’s life and do not know how to be themselves but a strong mum teaches you this., She gives you the assurance that no matter what, you have her love, respect and support. Strong moms encourage their kids to travel form new relationships and just be themselves. While doing this, they also make sure you are never afraid to try new things in life.


Bayo Ajibola

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