6 Things You Should Definitely Do Before You Get Married

As much as you know that he or she is the ideal partner and you are already sure that you want to build a family by your side, there are certain acts that help you to know each other’s characteristics or personality. And yet, they have to be done before you get married, not after. These are details that bring clarity on all points that involve the union.

This article highlights the most common things you should do before marriage to help you both understand each other and have a healthier marriage.

1. Spend time with both families

When we get married it is not just the groom that we are uniting with, it is with the whole family. The family comes as an extension of the partner and you should be inserted in his and he in yours. The lack of coexistence can be a problem between the couple. On the other hand, knowing the customs of each family is very important to clarify any uncertainty. Therefore, the rapport and intimacy with the families of both is essential to help them get to know each other better before the wedding.

2. Sleeping together

This can be in two ways. It can be in form of you spending the night or the weekend at his place. For some other people, it may involve having sex and finding out if they are sexually compatible. Sleeping over at his house or even traveling together for some time helps you get to know the person intimately.

Some people also love to know if they are sexually compatible. If you both are okay with it and your religion and moral beliefs do not go against it, it is important to know if sex between you works, it is part of life and part of love. Knowing if the couple gets along as lovers is essential for the marriage to work. But, if you prefer to wait until the wedding, just the fact of having intimate moments will allow you to notice how well they get along.

3. Stay together when possible

If you have this possibility do not hesitate, it is a very practical way to get a sense of what life will be like for married couples. The famous “test drive” is very important, because only while spending quality time together can you see details that previously were not possible to notice. Many couples are betting on trying to spend time together, to see if the relationship works on a daily basis, only to later get married.

4. Learn about your partner’s customs

Everyone has some weirdness, whether it is an addiction or a habit that they cannot correct, in fact many are even automatic. From leaving the lights on wherever you go, the wet towel on the bed, smoking, losing your keys daily, and so on. The question is: can you live with that? 

These are habits that you must know before getting married. It helps you to know in depth, how the person you are marrying is and can live. You also get to understand their defects, flaws and weaknesses. Many say that when it is only when we can overcome the defects of the partner that we are ready to live that eternal love.

5. Meet each other’s friends

Many friends are more intimate than some family members, so you should get to know your partner’s friends and spend time with them and obviously, obviously, he with yours. You know that they will be present at various times in your life, weekend trips, dinners, birthdays, etc so it is necessary for you to get to know them and also learn how to coexist with them. Maintaining a good relationship with them is also essential for your relationship.

6. Have fun

They will not always have the same tastes when it comes to fun. You love to go dancing on weekends and he prefers to travel, because he hates partying and loves to surf. It is important to find a way, a “middle ground,” to reconcile the programs or this will become one of the major relationship problems. 

Many new ways will emerge, but it is always best to harmonize the amusements for both of you to enjoy and allow the relationship to be very pleasant. You can also get to learn the things that are fun for them and find a way to blend in. It helps the both of you spend more time together and also understand each other. 

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