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6 Tips For A Lasting Relationship

We live in a very busy world, where everyone is just as busy trying get everything on their “To Do” list done in 24 hours. Because we’re so focused on everything we need to do, it’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner behind your priority list. But putting your relationship second to your “To Do” list isn’t healthy for you or your significant other. Treating your relationship as a commodity and only focusing on it when you need that person can damage and jeopardize that special connection you have with them. To avoid this, here are a few things you should practice in order to make your relationship last despite your hectic and busy lives.

  1. Practice empathy. Placing yourself in their shoes when times get rough or when you’re feeling superior to or hurt by your significant other will help you understand what they are going through. When you understand your partner’s side of things, your heart softens and you sympathize with them a bit more, thus providing them with an understanding that makes them feel special.
  2. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially during busy times. Having a strong relationship depends on gratitude for your partner and vocalizing this is important. You should remind your partner how thankful you are for them each day and maybe even start practicing sharing a few things you appreciate about each other to put a smile on their face each morning.
  3. Be the change. If something isn’t working in your relationship, instead of complaining about it, do something tochange it. If your partner sees that you’re trying to change, they will be more open to changing too, thus fixing any problem and making for a more joyous relationship.
  4. Listening with an open heart. It’s one thing to sit there and listen to your partner talk about their day and then it’s another thing to really take it all in and it’s true meaning. Sometimes we don’t really listen and fade into our own thoughts, which means you don’t value what the other has to say. Try being more present when your partner talks so that you really hear and understand their meaning.
  5. Touch and love everyday. Expressing your love for your partner each day is really important and so is touching them. And this doesn’t have to be in a sexual manner. Just a hug, pat on the shoulder or peck on the cheek will let them know you care. Remember, relationships can die without regular physical contact, so partake in a few stolen kisses as much as you can!
  6. Keep any plans or agreements you two may have. Everyone is busy, but keeping agreements with your partner is essential to making your relationship last. It builds trust and lets them know that they are important in your life and not just another task on your To Do list that can be pushed back when not convenient. So if your partner sets a dinner date, make sure you make it or if they need something from the store on your way home from work, pick it up with a smile!

Bayo Ajibola

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