6 Ways for Dad’s to Bond with Baby

Bayo Ajibola

Ways for Dad’s to Bond with Baby

Being a first time dad can be exciting and slightly scary because the road to fatherhood is all bumpy ride but joyous. As easy as it is for mothers, it isn’t so easy for fathers to bond with their babies. We share tips on how to bond with your newly born and be the best baby daddy!

  • Nappy Change

It’s a nasty business but it’s one of the baby duties that creates or strength a bond with babies. Take up that nappy change duty sometimes and while at that, communicate with your baby with making faces, laughs and play.

  • Shower Time

Babies love their shower time. This is a clean-play part. Take showers for your baby as this increases the bond through contact.

  • Feeding Hour

The cradle position a baby is placed during breastfeeding gives cuddle and a view of gazing eyes between the mother and child. Daddy’s should ensure to bottle feed their babies in this position to allow the little one get a view of your eyes. Also babies tend to like who feeds them, so offer to feed your baby to strengthen the bond, so he/she knows you’re there.

  • Play Moments

Be the funny, clown or dancing dad. Let your little one look forward to play moments with you as the laughter will also warm your heart. Silly faces, fun games like peek-a-boo or wiggle time are plays you can develop with your baby creating happy times for your baby. Your baby is definitely gonna know who the guy is when it comes to fun time.

  • Bedtime

Don’t leave mom alone to rock-a-baby as babies respond to touch and love when being cradled. Give mom some moment to catch extra sleep while you have a special moment with your baby as you rock him/her to sleep with your baby knowing that you’ve also got the warmest touch. Also soothe him/her when crying.

  • Engage your baby in activities

Either it’s a walk in the park, vacuuming the floors or some hazard free activity; you can have your little one with you for a baby-daddy do-it-together moment.

Way to go Dad’s!



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