6 Ways to Ensure You Enjoy Pregnancy

Bayo Ajibola
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6 Ways to Ensure You Enjoy Pregnancy

You have probably heard people saying how wonderful it feels to be carrying a life in them and being given an opportunity to bring forth life and all other very sentimental statements about pregnancy. They are indeed true and make you feel so special when starting out or preparing for pregnancy. It indeed is a blessing! Such statements make you feel like morning sickness and bloating have nothing on you!

Then the morning sickness and bloating come. Weight gain begins creeping in slowly and you suddenly can’t see your feet anymore due to your protruding stomach. It can be quite difficult to keep the sentimental statements in perspective because you are probably feeling not so wonderful. This journey is about nine months long though and you have to try and enjoy it because you won’t have a repeat episode (every pregnancy is different). How to go about it?

  1. Research, research, research

Pregnancy comes with so many challenges and the best way to overcome them is to equip yourself. Read up on what you should expect at different stages and how you should handle it. This will allow you not to panic every time something new happens during your pregnancy.

  1. Don’t listen to people

For some weird reason, people like to share horror stories about birth. You will be told all kinds of myths like eating oranges will give you an orange baby, you shouldn’t take a shower a short while before you give birth and eating chilies will leave your baby with burn marks. People will many times give unsolicited advice on how to handle your unborn baby once they are born and sometimes this advice may be conflicting.

This is not to say that there won’t be anyone saying anything good because there will be. Listen with an open mind but sift through it all. Take what works and leave out the rest without getting overly worked up or scared about the journey.

  1. Treat yourself well

You only live once and for some people, you only get pregnant once (for various reasons of course). Make the best of this time and be good to yourself. Go for that massage (by someone who knows how to properly massage a pregnant woman of course), spa day with yourself, do a special lunch for you, go shopping and make yourself look pretty. Pregnant does not equate to ugly or with ill-fitting clothes so shop for your current body size, shoe size and tummy and feel fabulous while at it.

  1. Take time with girlfriends

Girlfriends are there when you need them. They give you a reality check and still allow you to wander into dreamland for a bit. You may love their company right now and can call for impromptu get-togethers but once the baby comes, things will be a little tricky. Make use of every single moment you can get with them and make it count.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or costly but make sure that it is time well spent. Very soon movie nights indoors will be substituted with breastfeeding and cries throughout the night.

  1. Date nights

Your partner is a big part of this journey even though you are the one doing the carrying. He is probably falling over himself right now trying to make you happy and comfortable as you carry his baby. Take advantage of that and make time for date nights with your partner. This will strengthen your bond even further thus cushioning it against the stress and strain that occurs to a relationship after a baby arrives.

  1. Rest

You may want to accomplish everything before the baby comes but you need to slow it down a little. Rest is very important for you and the baby so have enough of it. You will also miss it once the baby comes!

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