7 Bad Habits that Ruin a Relationship


At the beginning of a love affair, everything seems perfect, but later, little habits appear that can wear down the relationship. Often problems do not occur because of lack of feeling or desire, but because of certain bad habits distractions. Couples in every relationship need daily attention to grow and evolve. 

It is therefore necessary to act in order to prevent issues that may lead to a crisis among couples. In most cases, it is not great problems that weaken passion, but small, bad habits like: 

1. Selfishness

When you always insist that your needs are met irrespective of whether or not your partner is fine, it creates an opportunity for problems to arise. When selfishness ends up prevailing over common projects, relationships begin to crumble. 

How to intervene?

Dialogue can help overcome this problem. Both couples should learn to talk about things and teach an agreement before making  certain decisions in their marriage. This will help ensure that the views and needs of both parties are taken into consideration and future problems as avoided as well. 

2. Indifference 

In every relationship, routine exists but often enough isn’t done to fight it. A lazy attitude tends to develop that leads to not valuing people and feelings, thinking that there is no need or time to make that romantic gesture, to seduce, to get special attention or to find space to be together. But love does not accept indifference.

To intervene, put a positive routine in place. It is good for the couple, even if it costs a little.

3. Jealousy

To some extent, it can  be a symptom of the couple’s good health, but more often it becomes a destructive attitude as a result of the insecurity of one partner. This attitude weakens trust between partners and many relationships end for this reason. 

Trust is indeed a key ingredient in a healthy relationship and as such, must be protected at all cost. Instead of getting jealous and making unnecessary assumptions, speak to your partner about how you feel and hear what they have to say. 

4. Lack of sincerity

Lies and dishonesty ruin relationships. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small lies, they make your partner lose trust in you and begin to see you in a completely different way. In the first case, if the lies are discovered, a flaw is formed and if not well handled, it may end up completely tearing the relationship apart. 

The best thing to do is to look within yourself and reflect before acting. If whatever you want to do may harm your relationship, the best decision is definitely to desist from it. 

5. Fear of confrontation

Sometimes we turn a blind eye to our partner’s attitudes and behaviors that bother or hurt us. But if you do not approach the topic for fear of arguing, then you risk exploding like a pressure cooker, causing more damage.

Instead of keeping mute, learn to discuss calmly and turn conflict into an opportunity for growth.

6. Lack of dialogue

Dialogue plays a crucial role in every relationship. It helps both parties understand themselves and see things from each other’s point of view. But when you pretend to know exactly how your feel, what he’s thinking, what he wants and needs, how he will behave and why he’d do that, it ends up creating a wrong idea which in the long run may harm the relationship. Try to listen to the partner beyond the image that you made.

7. Third party interference

This is another popular source of problems in marriages and relationships. Do not allow third parties or friends and relatives to influence you wrongly or instigate feelings of doubt in your partner. Only a couple really knows what the relationship is like, so it is only for the couple to make decisions concerning the relationship. 

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