7 Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Have you been comparing your relationship to that of your friends? Do you tell lies and avoid having sex with your partner? These actions and more can ruin your relationship. We have carefully listed 7 common behaviors that can ruin relationships and the best ways to handle them. 

1. Poor Communication

Do you always assume your partner knows what you are thinking or what you want? Assume less and speak more. Communication is another essential part of every relationship. Both parties should be able to have good communication. Speak to each other often and communicate clearly. 

Avoid vague statements, they do your relationship no good. If you dislike any decision of your partner or their recent change in character, speak to them about it. Don’t make assumptions, keep a distance, brood, or start acting up. It ruins your relationship faster than you may think. 

2. Focusing on What’s Wrong

How often do you focus on the negative things in your relationship? Or the actions of your partner? Repeatedly focusing on the wrong things will ruin your relationship faster than anything else. You should cultivate the habit of overlooking little things and approaching them with positive energy. Instead of focusing on what they did wrong, think about all the good things they have done and more they’ll do in the future. 

If your partner did something wrong in the past, genuinely forgive and let go. Do not keep replaying the scene whenever something else happens. It sends a bad signal to your partner and hurts their feelings that you repeatedly hold their wrongs against them. Learn to forgive and focus on positive things. 

3. Repeating Past Mistakes

How do you feel when your partner repeats the wrong things they did in the past? Especially when you’ve corrected them repeatedly. Now, think of how your partner feels when you repeat mistakes or wrongs they have spoken to you about. Certainly, they’ll feel hurt. If you are in a relationship or marriage, make conscious efforts to avoid mistakes you’ve made in the past. 

Mistakes like spending recklessly, shouting in the public, staying glued to your phone, or driving recklessly should be avoided. If your partner voices out his/her dissatisfaction with such acts, do not repeat them in the future. Note all the bad habits your partner dislikes and avoid them. 

4. Imitating Other Relationships

Most people try to imitate the relationship of others. We often forget that there is no manual or guide to a perfect relationship – that is, if there is anything like a perfect relationship. Some people usually think there is a right way to build a relationship, therefore look out for people with such and try to copy them. Copying other people’s relationships or comparing yours to theirs may lead your relationship to ruins. 

There is no perfect relationship. Every relationship has its trials and obstacles. However, what makes relationships problem-free is the willingness of both parties to overlook little problems, support each other, and make efforts towards a good relationship. If you want your relationship to last, you should find out what works for you and adopt it. 

5. Spying

Trust is very important in any relationship.  Being in a relationship does not mean we should throw our personal lives away. You should be able to give your partner some privacy. If you have doubts or questions to ask, speak up promptly and clearly. 

Do not spy on them. Avoid checking their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. It does not do you nor your relationship any good. It portrays you in a bad light and proves you do not trust your partner. 

6. Lying

Lies are major turn-offs in a relationship. Just like spying on your partner, they break trust and ruin relationships. Relationships should be built on honesty. Always be honest with your partner. Avoid little white lies because they can add up and ruin your relationship. 

7. Poor Intimacy

When the level of intimacy in your relationship drops, it can lead to a complete end of your relationship. Always seek ways to stay close to your partner. You can go on a date to your favorite restaurant, hold hands, increase PDA, spend more time together, and improve your sexual life. These things help keep you close to your partner. But when they are far fetched in your relationship, they may cause a gradual decline in intimacy which may also end your once beautiful relationship.

These are major behaviors that are often overlooked but have the potential to ruin relationships. Try as much as possible to avoid them, be honest with your partner, assume less, and communicate more. Do not try to imitate other people’s relationships as none is perfect. Focus on the positive things, make corrections, and avoid past mistakes. These will help you grow and last longer in your relationship or marriage.

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