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7 Finger Foods for Your Baby

Weaning your baby is a very big milestone since it marks the transition from breast milk or infant formula only to solid foods. At this point your baby already knows how to hold items firmly in her hand and giving her safe food items to hold will definitely work to your advantage.

Most babies like to get things done and get frustrated when they can’t hack it or someone is keeping them away from it. Giving your child finger foods can help give your child a little more confidence in handling small responsibilities and it will get her to eat a little more. Parents are however afraid to let babies eat on their own since they are probably afraid that the baby may choke or something similar. It does not always happen like that, especially if you choose your finger foods wisely.


These fruits are packed with lots of nutrients and they are naturally sweet. The sugar will of course keep the baby interested and since the banana’s natural shape allows for a proper grip the baby can easily hold it for herself as she slowly nibbles away at it.

Bananas are also great for teething. You can put a banana in the freezer for a few minutes for it to get cold and then give it to the child. The banana will act as a cold compress and this helps reduce the pain.

Avocado slices

The oils and fats in this fruit are the healthy kind so you should not be afraid to try it out on your baby. It contains a good amount of fiber as well as protein and more potassium than bananas. You can substitute butter with them in baked goods and you will notice that whenever you eat an avocado you just can’t help but feel happy. If you feel that giving them to your baby to feed herself can be a little messy cut them into small pieces and feed her instead.


These are a great option for plant protein and since your child needs all the protein they can get at this stage, you can use these. You can give your baby boiled peas or season them a little with a mild herb or spice to liven it up.


The orange color on this vegetable is very appealing to babies and it becomes easy to feed them on carrots. You can cook them a little to make them softer and let your child benefit from all the Vitamin A and fiber in the carrots.

Shredded chicken

Chicken tastes good and you don’t even have to try too hard. Make sure that your chicken is well cooked to avoid any bacteria found in raw or undercooked fowl and cut it up into child-friendly pieces for your baby.


Fish has a good amount of omega-3 which helps with brain development. Aside from the fishy smell that your child may not like, fish should be an easy food because it is soft and easy to chew.  Be sure to give fish that has low mercury content like tilapia.


Pasta is a very simple dish to make and it can be eaten by the whole family. The baby will definitely enjoy playing with the thin strips as she eats so try some on her. You can make it interesting by using pasta shapes.

Even though these foods may be in small pieces or your baby only takes minute bites remember to keep an eye on your baby. Anything can go wrong and she will not be able to shout for help so stay alert.

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