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7 Natural Ways to Avoid an Induction

Getting your labor induced is just one of those processes you would rather avoid for various reasons. The most common reason being that you would want to have your baby as naturally as possible. Experiencing the whole process from your waters breaking to the birth itself makes some women feel very accomplished, and rightfully so!

Induction is usually prescribed when the baby is overdue or there are some complications that have arisen like possible fetal distress or you have gestational diabetes. It is done by introducing a synthetic form of oxytocin which then starts the labor process.

It causes stronger and closer contractions as compared to a natural birth which means you will have much more physical pain to deal with. You can however try a few methods to set the ball rolling and avoid having to go through an induction.

Castor oil

Castor oil will give you a great bowel movement; several actually. There is assumed to be a connection between the gastrointestinal and reproductive systems. When the body has gotten the message and has finally prepared itself the contractions should begin.


This physical activity is said to jumpstart labor especially if you include stimulation of nipples. It releases oxytocin which is required for labor.


The best state you can be in for delivery is relaxed. Being tense prolongs your labor and leads to other scary thoughts like what could go wrong so make some time to rest.

Vaginal sweep

It’s a process where a nurse inserts their fingers into the cervix and touches the baby’s membranes.  It is said to increase the rate at which labor occurs.


Acupuncture releases the energies and is said to restore the body’s functions. Some say it can actually trigger contractions. Get one who particularly handles pregnant women or knows how to handle pregnant women.


Some herbs like blue and black cohosh can trigger labor because of what they contain. They are said to also tone uterine muscles and prepare the body in such a way that you don’t go beyond your due date.


Some essential oils have properties that can set off labor. They include chamomile, jasmine, geranium, lavender and rose. Avoid these if you haven’t reached 38 weeks yet.

With all the fuss about induction it becomes quite contradictory because the body normally ‘expels’ the baby once it is ready. How about you just sit and relax and have faith that your body will deliver according to what is expected of it.

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