7 Psychological Tips to Overcome Depression in your Relationship

Learning to overcome depression has become one of the challenges for mental health today, especially in relationships. It might interest you to know that some people in relationships are depressed even when they claim to love their partner. Sometimes, being in love is not just enough to overcome this terrible feeling. More and more people are struggling to overcome depression even when they have a partner. 

In addition to going to therapy with a professional psychologist, we recommend taking the following actions to handle depression:

1. Stop overthinking 

Overthinking involves analyzing in depth facts or ideas that concern or obsess us. Normally, thoughts linked to overthinking are usually negative and tend to take up a lot of time in people suffering from depression. Another way to overcome depression and these symptoms is to share these types of thoughts with someone you trust. When conversing with others it is easier to leave behind some ideas that haunt us day and night.

2. Focus on what you are doing well

No matter how hard your life is right now, it is important to overcome depression to keep in mind what we are doing well. Normally, depression tends to cloud our judgment, which makes it tempting to overemphasize negative aspects of situations, while dismissing the positive ones. To overcome depression, a good initiative is to try to write down three things you’re doing well. 

3. Stop living in the past

Our mind tends to spend a lot of time reliving, rewriting and recreating the past. This mental habit is not only unproductive but ends up fostering despair and negativity. In fact, when sadness invades you due to a past event, it is normal to experience feelings of contempt or even blame others or ourselves for those actions that we cannot change today. To overcome this, it is best to change our thought process and stay happy. 

4. Don’t worry about the future

Just as continually living in the past leads to depression, fear and worry about the future also contributes to anxiety. Redirect your attention to the present. Instead of spending time brooding over the uncertainty of the future, try to focus your energy on what you can do now to improve your life.

5. Create a routine

Lack of scheduled activities as well as an inconsistent routine can increase both feelings of helplessness and loss of control over the course of your life. Adding a plan to your day can help you regain a sense of control and lessen the feeling that you are a passive participant in your life. Taking this initiative will help you overcome depression  

6. Find a support network

One of the ways to know what to do against depression is precisely to find people you can trust and find the necessary reinforcement to move forward. When the sadness invades you at certain moments, these will be the moments in which you should communicate with a friend and family member and meet with them to talk about these feelings.

7. Visualize a happy memory 

People who suffer from depression often focus on the most painful memories or ideas from both the present and the past. One of the ways to overcome depression and these symptoms of this disorder is that every time you think of one of these sad memories from the past, you try to compensate with a happy memory. In this case, you should focus both on the image itself and on how you were feeling in those moments.

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