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It is in every pregnant woman’s imagination that labor will set in naturally and the process will move itself along without any kind of assistance whatsoever and that it would take the shortest time possible. To some people this is the stuff of dreams because things happened in a totally different way for them.

One in four women actually has to go through an induction to allow them to have their baby safely. It is not something that any woman would willingly do because it can be quite a hellish experience but it is usually an unavoidable option.

Doctors don’t just dish out inductions left right and center because they are only done in special situations. Some may seem more serious than others but an induction is meant to kick start labor when waiting for natural labor may pose a risk.

Past due date

This is the most common reason for an induction. A pregnancy is expected to last for a specified amount of time after which there may be a problem. There is usually a window of two weeks given but when even this is exceeded and no labor has occurred then doctors advise an induction.

Fetal distress

Unborn babies can get tired in the womb even though it may seem unlikely. They have their own share of work and duties while in there and any pregnant woman can testify to this, what with all the kicking they experience.

Fetal distress is actually a condition where the baby is not getting the right supply of oxygen. This could be caused by illness, compression of the umbilical cord, fetal infection or may be the mother is putting undue pressure on a major blood vessel due to the position she is in.

You will notice reduced or totally halted movement by the baby and there will be a reduced heart rate when a doctor checks further. Your baby may also have passed their first stool (meconium) while still in the uterus.

High birth weight

A woman that gives birth to a baby with a high weight will require an induction because it may be hazardous to wait for regular labor. If the previous baby had a high birth weight then doctors will take time to find out the baby’s weight and condition before they are born.

Mother’s illness

A mother may sometimes be too ill to go through regular labor and waiting for the sickness to subside may take too long or the medication may interfere with the baby’s health.

Restriction of baby’s growth

A large baby may not have enough space to continue growing in the uterus. This is not healthy at all and the baby should be gotten out of such an environment within the shortest time possible.

Baby died in uterus

In some unfortunate circumstances a baby may die before they are born. There is no option in such a scenario but to do an induction for the baby to be expelled.


Diabetes of any kind, whether it was preexisting or it came during pregnancy is a condition that requires close monitoring during pregnancy. Doctors perform an induction so as to maintain good conditions for both the mother and the baby throughout.

Induction may provide some time for you to prepare yourself mentally for delivery. You should however make sure that you talk candidly with your obstetrician before the procedure. This will allow you to ask all the questions you have about the process and this may alleviate your fears. There are risks like further medical intervention after birth, bleeding and infection but they can be mitigated with close medical attention.

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