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7 Signs Your Baby Loves You

Once a baby is born the mother becomes so busy with all the new activities in her schedule. Your schedule shuttles between changing diapers, breastfeeding, wiping vomit from your clothes and getting the baby to stop crying. This can be very frustrating because it seems like a very thankless job! You are constantly fussing about the baby but nobody is constantly fussing about you! This can be frustrating but if you are a little keener (sorry to add something else to your to-do list) you will notice the following and this is proof enough that your little princess is paying you in kind.

She knows you

Within the shortest time a baby will know her mommy and will prefer her to everyone else. This usually happens because they can differentiate between your breast milk smell and someone else’s. Whenever she cries when being held by other people but calms down in your arms, she is just acknowledging you as her primary caregiver and it’s not that she doesn’t like it when you take a break.

Learn what her cries mean and respond to them as soon as you can. This reminds her that she is loved and that she can trust you since you are always looking out for her.

She responds to your facial expressions

Once your baby is a month old or thereabouts she will begin responding to your facial expressions. She will smile back when you smile at her, she will give a meaningful look once in a while and she will coyly look at you and look away.

Encourage her and respond to what she does by giving her your own coy looks. This will allow her to bond with you and learn basic giving and receiving.

A genuine smile

Most people think that a baby’s smile is usually involuntary and can’t be taken to mean anything. Research however suggests that your baby could be mirroring your smile. She has come to associate you with feeling good and she just can’t help but smile when she sets her eyes on you! Smile back and make your bond go even deeper.

A wet inexplicable kiss

You will find yourself with lots of wet patches on your face because your princess just can’t get enough of you. She will try to kiss you and sometimes end up hitting your cheeks with her gums (thankfully there are no teeth yet). This is probably because you do the same (probably less wet) and she wants to do the same for you.

A special toy

Parents have a hard time separating their kids from a toy or a blanket. That item actually symbolizes you and the love and comfort you give but in a way that they have control over. You can now be a little less tough on your princess and let ‘blankie’ or teddy be. She will outgrow it so relax and enjoy the help.

Lifting arms

There is nothing as fulfilling as a baby wanting you to carry them. They want you and nobody else for the simple reason that you are you and they like you. You will find your baby lifting up her arms to be carried and even though sometimes you are really tired and just want to sleep, it is always worth the sacrifice.

Bad behavior

Babies reserve bad behavior for those people that they genuinely love and trust. You may find everyone else talking about how he is such a darling when they babysat but he turns into a little imp when you walk in. It means she trusts you to be herself and she knows that you will still love her after her fits.

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